Know Your Starters: James Padgett

(Aw, stuff. Now it’s getting serious. To delve into the rotation players and the benchwarmers, begin here.)


So, here we are. By process of elimination, the starting center for your Maryland Terrapins is James Padgett! Dude, did you know he’s from Brooklyn OMG he’s from Brooklyn that’s in New York City dude!

I always love it when I can figure something out by process of elimination. Nine out of 10 baby mamas agree: it’s just a solid way of handling your business.

But in any case, that’s where we find ourselves. Jordan Williams is too green, Steve Goins is too injured, Dino Gregory is too suspended. But you know? I don’t mind. I’ll go to war with James Padgett. At 6’7″ and 210, he’s not the biggest dude in the world, and he could stand to get stronger, but he’s still tough in there. He played nervous in the preseason, although I think he got that out of his system. We’ll see on Friday, of course.

The pleasant surprise with Padgett is that he has moves. Imagine that — a big guy who has hands! Footwork! An offensive game! The biggest part of his game, though, is dirty work. He’s Windex on the glass, and you know what? I heard we have some other shooters on the team who are not shy with the chucking. Padgett could fit perfectly in that regard. At Lincoln High School (did you know that’s in Brooklyn?!?!?!) he played Robin to Lance Stephenson’s Batman, so he’s fine with that unsung role. And hey, he got enough singing even in the unsung role to get to Maryland, so he’s gotta be good at it. He’s also very beardy, so he has that going for him.


What? There can't be TWO James Padgetts.

I think he’s eventually gonna take a more complementary role to Gregory, maybe Goins, and, eventually, Williams, but for now he seems to be the man. I’m thinking at least 20 a game at the outset, probably average a 5 and 7 or something like that. Nice.

2 Responses to “Know Your Starters: James Padgett”

  1. November 11, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    Is your new sign-off “Nice.”? I don’t know if you were aware of this, but Jordan Williams is from Brooklyn.

    You often hear that a program goes to scout a certain high school “star” and then finds that there is another guy on the team who is quieter, more hard working, and actually might have more upside in four years than the high school “star” would give in a one and done scenario. In this hypothetical scenario we’ll call the “star” athlete Fance Fephenson, and the second fiddle turned better college player Fames Fadgett. While Fance was out banging the prom queen, Fames ran wind sprints until he puked. While Fance was out hittin’ 40’s, Fance was in the gym pumping iron. Suddenly they’re both playing college ball, and Fames seems to have all his fundamentals down wile Fance is too busy chasing skirt to care. Imagine that.

  2. November 11, 2009 at 4:20 pm

    Nice is my new signoff. And by signoff, I mean “lazy writing crutch.”

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