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NCAA first round: Vasquez and Maryland upset Cal, 84-71


YEAH TERPS! What a game! This reminded me of the Michigan State win from earlier this year. Diving after loose balls, everything going in the basket. Everything was clicking.

This was a pretty evenly contest game until a HUGE swing at around the 10:30 mark of the second half. With the Terps nursing a two-point lead, Vasquez finds a wide-open Eric Hayes in the corner for a three. Cal didn’t convert on its possession, Hayes tracked down a rebound, and Dino Gregory (who played a great game) sent a touch pass to Landon Milbourne for another three. In the span of about 25 seconds, the lead went from two to eight. In total, it was a 9-0 run over 1:54.

In the last 10 minutes, Cal just couldn’t get anything consistent going. Interesting that they didn’t foul in the closing minutes. They just knew it was Maryland’s day. The Terps were unquestionably the better team today.

Play of the game came at the seven minute mark after Bowie missed a free throw and a scrum ensued. Bowie picked it up and, using the eyes in the back of his head, found Vasquez alone under the basket for an And-1. That was when everyone — both teams, both coaches, everyone — seemed to realize that it was all coming up Maryland. Vasquez was clearly the MVP, with a 27-6-2. Jesus. He has grown a ton over the last month or so.

The whole Terps team is peaking. Right now. What can they do against Memphis? Memphis looks to be tough right now as well, although they struggled a little against Cal Northridge in the first round.

First half recap of Terps win is below and here, if you’re interested.

Memphis up next on Saturday. We’ll be out of town, though, and won’t be blogging right after. Sorry, Mom.


(photo credit: Reinhold Matay — Associated Press)


They’ll never take our preview: A Maryland-Wake Forest analysis from Scotish freedom fighter William Wallace

mel-gibson-braveheart-photograph-c101019223Sons of Maryland!  I am William Wallace.  I come here today as ye sit on the eve o’ battle.  The largest battle o’ the year, laddies!  A battle for yer tournament lives!  If you be winnin this one, you may well find yerselves on the path to glory

The Demon Deacons from the Forest of Wake are comin.  And they are a formidable foe.  Aye, tis true.  Everyone knoos aboot Jeff Teague.  He’s a first-team all-ACC soldier on my soldiery ballot. 

So they have good guards.  But so have we.  I hoop Grrrreivis is equal to the mooment.  We wull see now woon’t we.  Aye, we wull.  

But in the meantime, the real problem for the Terps tonight is the bigguns.  Aye, the bigguns.  I ask ye.  What’ll they do aboot the Bigguns!?!?   They’ve a three-headed giant in 6’9″ James Johnson, and 6’9″ Al-Farouq Aminu, and the 7’0″ Chas McFarland.  Together they’re nae 20 feet high if they’re an inch!  The first two are in the top 10 in ACC in rrrreboondin!  Where does Maryland rank?   Dear sweet Jesus, where do they rank?   LAST?  Dead last in the conference in reboondin margin?!?!?  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, laddie.   The bigguns are gonna ride right over ye!!  How wull you stop em?

I’ll tell ya how.  I see a whole army of my fellow fans, here, in support of their players.  You have come as free men, Terps.  And free men you are.  You controol yer oon destiny, men!   And yer pleein in yer oon backyard.  Will yer countrymen come to support ye?   Will they be full of throat and loud of tongue and besotted with whiskey?  I hoop soo. 

Now, for the bigguns.   I once made spears twice as long as a man.  They stopped a charge of heavy horse.  May Landon Milbourne and Big Dave Neal now build those spears in their minds.   Here’s hoopin the mind spears will stand up to the charge of the Demon Deacon bigs, a charge so fierce it shakes THE VERY GROOND!!!   So that’s what I got for ye on that, is  mind spears.

So aye, yes, tonight wu’ll see what stuff they’re meed of.  It’s all one game, laddies.  Fight, and you may die.  Run, and you’ll live.  At least for a while.  But when yer dyin’ in yer beds, many years from now, would ye be willin to trade all the days from this day to that, for one chance — JUST ONE CHANCE — to come back to the Coomcast Center?   So that ye could tell yer enemies, that they may take our lives.  BUT THEY’LL NEVER BURST……OUR BUBBLE!




Duke beats Maryland, celebrates with ski trip, uses indigent children instead of skis


So college basketball’s evil empire wins again. Bravo. The team of twerps and 80s movie villains prevails.  Singler is the biggest twerp of them all. There’s just something about him that makes me want to put my fist through the TV. It’s like he lives in some kind of magic bubble. I could picture him walking down the sidewalk one day, eating an ice cream cone, but up ahead a crane has lost control of its wrecking ball, and the ball is headed straight for him, but at the last second a construction worker jumps in the way to save him but dies in the process, and then Singler, who didn’t see the wrecking ball because he was too busy enjoying his delicious ice cream, steps over the worker’s body, tosses 50 cents on the corpse, and walks away thinking about what a nice guy he is, and why couldn’t people be more like him.  I really despise Kyle Singler. F you, you Boo Radley lookin stickbag!

How’s that for some hardcore roundball analysis.  But really, what else is there to say? The Terps lost a hard-fought game. Milbourne continues to be our most consistently good player. The missed free throws were troubling. I hate Gerald Henderson. Best screen ever. I hate Kyle Singler. Vasquez fouled out before the game actually started. Hayes was surprisingly good. I hate Mike Kzhrewyeskzzskis. There’s your summary.

But you know what? A win last night would have been like found money. Now we have NC State, Wake, and UVA. This is the real season-within-a-season. If — IF — we can man up and win those three, I think we may be in. If — IF — we win two of those and IF we win a game in the ACC tourney, I think we may be in. The Terps’ RPI is 58. I’m no RPIologist, but I would describe that as fair to middlin. Looks like another late season run of Maryland being featured in every single national bubble discussion. They should change their name to the Bubbles. The Maryland Bubbles. Go Bubs.


Two hard-boiled basketball coaches walk into a bar…


Gary Williams: Bartender. Double Chivas on the rocks please.

A voice behind him: Make it two.

ACC Media Day Basketball

Seth Greenberg: Whaddya know, Gary? Looks like we got the same taste in Scotch.

Gary: I’ve been a Chivas man since I was 15. I used to mix mine with Maalox, but lately I’ve been taking it straight.

Seth: Sometimes I like to grind up some No Doz tablets in there. It’s great for long recruiting trips.

(Awkward pause)

Gary: Say, our drinks are here.

(They raise glasses)

Gary: No hard feelings about the game today, huh?

Seth: What can I say?  Your team wanted it more today. It was a must-win game for you and you got it.  Great job, coach.

Gary: Here’s to Gus Gilchrist developing a fungal infection on his scrotum.

Seth: Good Lord…I toast to the exact same thing! Every time.

(They clink glasses, drain their drinks, order another round)

Gary: Small world.

Seth: Indeed.  Great game today, though, seriously. Our man-to-man defense is usually pretty tough, but you shredded it.

Gary: For a second there I thought you had us with that half-court 1-3-1.

Seth: Well, I’ll tell ya, that Milbourne kid is something else. People don’t really talk about him, but he has quietly become the best player you’ve got. He always seems to make the right play.

Gary: I appreciate his steadiness. He’s always focused, always ready to play. Sometimes, my guys seem a little tightly wound.

Seth: (takes big swig) You don’t say.

Gary: No, it’s true. I don’t know what the problem is either. I talk about it in practice all the time. You have to focus, I tell them. Play for 40 minutes! A lot of the times I SCREAM it at them. YOU’VE GOTTA BE INTENSE THE WHOLE GAME, I say! INTENSITY!!!! YOU GOTTA BE INTENSE!

Seth: I actually don’t talk the entire offseason so I have extra screaming power come practice time.

Gary: I make Braxton Dupree cry periodically. We have to stop the whole goddamn practice so Big Dave Neal can rub his back until he calms down. HEY, ANOTHER DRINK OVER HERE!

Seth: Sometimes I try to read the mentality of my guys and tailor my approach to each individual player, but whatever, that’s just me.

Gary: Wuss.








Gary: All right, all right, fine.  I’ll replace the tie.

Seth: Great, hey, thank you so much, man.

Gary: No problem, hey, so what were we talking about, oh right, the game.  We played well, but we got lucky, too; Malcolm Delaney was off today.

Seth: Yeah, he was jacked up for his homecoming and he just came out too tight. I bet it was interesting to see a player from the other team get rattled.

Gary: You kid, but it truly was. And hey, we closed out the game today.  It was a good thing to see.

Seth: For you.

Gary: Well, I needed it. The wolves are at my door, Seth. You know, you try to do things the right way, and you get shit for not recruiting blue chip players from the big cities. But then when you recruit blue chip players from the big cities, you get shit because their “character” isn’t meeting some artificial standard. Everyone wants me to find a kid with Kobe Bryant’s game and Mother Teresa’s disposition. Where are those kids, Seth?

Seth: You got me, Gary.

Gary: Well, you got me, too.

Seth: I’m just like you. I don’t get many blue chips either — I coach ’em up the old-fashioned way.  But I have yet to get quite as much out of one of my teams as you’ve gotten from yours. You’re a damn good coach, Gary.

Gary: Can we get you on TV?  Where’s Dave Feldman when you need him.

Seth: Bottom line, Gary, you win four of your last six, and you’re probably in the tourney. It’ll be tough, but it could happen. Can you believe it?

Gary: Don’t even say that, Seth.  TAKE IT BACK THIS SECOND!

Seth: I love you, man.

Gary: No way, man. I love YOU.

Seth: Right back atcha buddy.

Gary: Awesome. Now let’s destroy all the camera phones in here and go get some chicken wings.


georgia tech turns over another win to maryland

Lawal made the Terps look small.

Lawal made the Terps look small.

On January 10th, the first half of the Maryland vs. Georgia Tech game was some of the ugliest basketball I’ve ever seen.  I had just about blocked that out of my memory.  Then came the game in Atlanta Sunday night, and I felt like I had gone through regression therapy.  Memories of bad basketball came rushing back.  As was the case with the game in January, the Terps were lucky to outlast the Yellow Jackets last night in another “battle to see who screws-up the least”.

The Terps shot 36% from the field.  That is just plain old bad.  Landon Milbourne and Dave Neal were a combined 3/15 from the floor and were clearly outmatched under the basket by Gani Lawal and Zachary Peacock.  At times they just looked small, especially on a play in the second half when Lawal came soaring through the lane for a thunderous one-handed put-back off a Tech miss.  What the Terps lacked in size they did make-up for in hustle by crashing the boards and forcing mistakes out of the Yellow Jackets.

On the bright side, Maryland’s front court did what they could to contain Georgia Tech’s bigs.  Lawal and Peacock combined for 11 turnovers.  GreivisVasquez and Eric Hayes bothseemed to have the rhythm from outside, and Vasquez was able to take over offensively late in the second half in a way that he has not done in over a month.  The two guards combined for 34 of Maryland’s 57 points.  I didn’t remember hearing about this during the game, but Adrian Bowie was limited to 1min playing time due to a 102deg fever.  He’ll have five days rest before the Virginia Tech game on Saturday and should be fine.  It was great to see Hayes step-up in Bowie’s absence.  Those are about all the positives I have for this game.

After the final buzzer sounded, the Terps jumped around and celebrated as if they had just done something meaningful.  I guess a win against the worst team in the ACC is meaningful.  To celebrate a win like this is to reveal how low the team has it’s sights set.  The truth is they could have just as easily lost this game as they won it.  Yes, the team has been under a lot of pressure lately, but the most pressure filled part of the season is yet to come.  It would be good for this team to go home, forget this game entirely, and get ready for Virginia Tech.  I’m already working on forgetting it.

(Photo courtesy of The Washington Times)


duke out-everythings maryland





That is how the men’s basketball team looked against Duke this afternoon.  The soon-to-be #1 Blue Devils embarrassed Maryland today at Cameron Indoor Stadium.  This loss was so bad, so one-sided, that I’m having trouble finding other words to describe it.  According to the Washington Post, “It was Maryland’s worst defeat since a 39-point loss to Wake Forest in 1963.”

There are some things about this game that could have been different and may have made the outcome closer.  Maryland could not keep Duke off the offensive boards, and they were getting killed with second and third chances all day long.  The Terps also seemingly forgot how to split a trap, and possession after possession stalled near mid-court, resulting in 17 turnovers.  When we did get a shot off it was generally off-balanced or hurried, resulting in a 28% shooting night.  Those were the factors under Maryland’s control.  It’s the factors that were not under their control that were much, much more scary to me.

This was the biggest game of the season, and the team was clearly not mentally prepared for some fairly basic defensive looks from Duke.  One cannot attribute the disparity in mental alertness to home court advantage or fatigue.  Duke seemed to be playing a different game of “organized basketball”, as opposed to Maryland who seemed to be reacting and retreating.  Gary Williams could not control getting out-coached by Mike Krzyzewski.  It may not be that he was simply out-coached today, but he has been for a few years.

Another factor that was beyond Maryland’s control was the disparity of talent on the floor.  There is nobody on the Terps that is qualified to carry Gerald Henderson’s jock strap.  7’1″ Brian Zoubek made the Terps look like a bunch of toddlers with a grown man holding a ball over their heads while he was in the paint.  Maryland has no answer for these guys at all, and that situation won’t change for the rematch in College Park.

Everyone on Maryland played scared except Milbourne and Vasquez.  Once again, Vasquez has to eat his words after a 2-10 shooting night.  Gary Williams didn’t even use the blow out to give extended minutes to the bench. Kim played 5min, while Goins and Pearman played 3min each.

There are no positives to take away from this game.  NIT here we come.


Primetime Preview: A Maryland-Duke anaylsis from Dick Vitale


Hey, lemme tell ya somethin right now, I wanna thank Shell Games for givin me this opportunity, it’s so rare that I get to share my opinions with people, I’m just kiddin heheheheh, I’m on TV, can you believe they gave an old bald guy like me a job on TV?  It’s unbuleebull! I’m the luckiest guy in the world, baby!

But now I wanna get serious for a moment, I wanna talk about the big game this Saturday, yes, Murland is coming down Tobacco Road, down to Cameron, it’s gonna be a great matchup. Why’s it gonna be great, because Duke is great, baby. Programmo numero uno. So special.  Such a special environment.  What a super-scintillating-sensational team Mike ShiShefSki has put together down there in Durham. You put them up against Carolina, I’m there. You put them up against Murland, I’m there. They go outside to throw out a bag of garbage, I’m there, hey, I’m rootin through it baby, I’m pullin out all the cans and food wrappers and I’m makin my own ShiShefSki-Ville in my basement out of their garbage! It’s gonna give me life force! I’m gonna retire there, baby!

So now let’s get down to the matchups, Duke, as always, is incredibly strong in every conceivable way, that’s all you need to know, but if you want particulars, they’ve got a future NBA player in Gerald Henderson and a Super Soph in Kyle Singler. Should be an interesting matchup down there in Cameron, the Terps are gonna put Landon Milbourne on Singler that’ll be super awesome meanwhile these teams actually seem fairly similar, heavy on the guard play, short on the big bodies. Want to talk about rebands? That’s what I call it when a shot misses and another player gets the ball. Murland is sixth in the ACC in rebanding margin while Duke is ninth. I’m gonna tell you right now, whoever wins the rebanding battle underneath, and is able to kick all those rebands out to the guards for a drive down the lane or a trifector, that team could be the winner.

Did someone mention trifectors? Yes, the Blue Devils are second in the conference in trifector shooting percentage with 37.7 percent but you know what Murland is second in the ACC in trifector defense they hold their opponents to 32.4 percent shooting so it’s gonna be showdown city beyond the arc.

Bottom line, Murland always comes to play against Duke and they need a win in the worst possible way I think their young guard Adrian Bowie could exploit whoever they put on him but of course it will all come down to Vasquez for Murland and he loves to antagonize the Crazies so if he keeps his head in the game and has success shooting the trifectors and if everything else comes together and they win the rebanding battle I like Murland, yeessss Murland, to pull the big upset over number two Duke, hey Coach K don’t hate me baby, I gotta be objective here, I call em like I see em hey Coach K I love you baby I’ll call you later I’ll come over I’ll bring my shine box!!!

Prediction: Murland 87, Duke 83


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