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Danny O’Brien: Under a Blood Red Shirt


Aye, top o’ the mornin to ye. Is there anythin more pleasin to these old Irish eyes than to see a fair young Irish lad take to those emerald fields as the startin quarterback?  Nae.

And that’s why I was so overjoyed to hear that redshirt freshman Danny O’Brien, the young lad, might be relinquishin his red shirt to take the helm for the Terps.  But then, I was equally dismayed to see Ralph Friedgen a back-peddlin on the offer, even though he still says he’s thinkin about the future.  Ralph’s gonna talk with Chris Turner now, and methinks he’ll be blamin the old media for his gaffery.

To help Ralph in his deliberations, I wrote a wee ballad to tell the tale o’ Danny O’Brien.  Here’s hopin you be enjoyin it.  Did I mention I’m also part pirate?   Aye, tis true.  One-quarter pirate me matey.  It’s a shame Bart Lafitte ended up goin to LSU.

(Intro…it be a single Irish fiddle, a-playin- ever so softly)


Danny Boy, his countenance fair,
His chin goatee so wispy,
he’d lay the defense on its ear
and torch their backs so crispy.

But nae he’ll get the chance I fear
to bail out the season.
Chris Turner is the man this year
for nary a good reason.

(enter the liltin o’ the Irish flute)

O’Brien has a shirt of red.
His play would be to waste it
But as a fan I want him to
play so bad I can taste it.

It’s not that he would be the man
who’d save us from the grave.
In fact I think he’d be well served
to first learn how to shave.

But from a selfish point of view
(as most points of view are),
It’d be more fun with Danny Boy
o’er Chris or — ugh — Jamarr

Here ends me tale of want and woe
with just a simple plea:
If Danny Boy should be the man
the cornerstone of future plans
then keep him on your knee;
But if you’re givin up forthwith
or markin time til Tyler Smith
then why not give the boy his chance
and see if he’ll survive the dance?



Middle Tennessee Freaking State Freaking Owns Freaking Maryland

Look at this photo.  Look at it!

Look at this photo. Look at it!

They beat us in their house last year. Now they’ve beaten us in our house this year. All this talk about revenge game, and this and that, and this is what happens. Another year, another group of Blue Raiders jubilant at Maryland’s expense. Gah. I’m gagging. Need air. I need to breathe!

Okay. Get a hold of yourself, man. Whew. So I should probably mention that I didn’t actually watch the game, mainly because it will be a cold wet day in Hades before I cough up any money to the Evil Sports Programming Network for They could put the Super Bowl on there and I still wouldn’t pony up. Fuck them. That’s right. Fuck you, ESPN. Fuck And fuck this fucked up ACC TV deal. You want my wallet, you pry it out of my dead hand.

Whoa. Okay. Breathe. I’m a little angry. The morning after and I’m still upset. I may be misdirecting a bit but I’m still salty with ESPN for doing this. Anyway, a bunch of us were getting updates from a friend via cellphone, and it looked like we had it in the bag. That is, until Middle Tennessee State drove the length of Byrd Stadium in the final moments to kick a game-winning field goal. Read that sentence again. Guess what the key play was on the drive. Cameron Chism — Nolan Carroll’s replacement — was burned for 35 yards. What was a team strength — secondary — is now a glaring weakness. Jamari McCulloch can’t come back fast enough.

Other problems: Poor tackling. Missed field goals. Turnovers, including one by backup QB Jamarr Robinson, who played a whopping three snaps but somehow managed to lose a fumble. Again, the lines were porous. And in general, the offense and defense don’t seem to be, what’s the word, functioning.

Bright spots: 287 all-purpose yards from Torrey Smith. To be fair, Chism had two interceptions. Chris Turner had 288, 2 TDs, 1 INT, although he was sacked four times. Travis Baltz had a 40.6 punting average. Rock solid!

Bottom line: Two consecutive losses to Middle Tennessee State = unacceptable. Period. Ralph Friedgen has a lot of work to do. Everyone says his job is safe because the assumption is he’s going to fulfill his contract (this season then two more) and then fade into the sunset. Fine. But right now, there’s a playing-out-the-string feel to all of this that can’t continue. Fridge seemed angry after the game. Good. I think the team can round into form during the ACC season, but it’s not gonna happen automatically. Get to work, guys. This is humiliating.

(Photo credit: AP photo/Murfreesboro Daily News Journal)


Terrapins Rising recap: Episode 8

Meh. That sums it up.

But I guess I have to type more words. Fine, so it was just a recap of the previous shows. The previous episode — which had its own problems — got me a lot more pumped for the season than this one did, which is strange, considering that this was the season finale, and the first game is this weekend.

Want to know what else was strange? It didn’t really focus on any of the team’s marquis players. The main focus, bafflingly, was sophomore Jamarr Robinson, and the Quixotic battle he waged — against himself — to win the backup QB slot. Here’s where a little Photoshop jiu-jitsu would come in handy…a photo of Jamarr Robinson, tilting at windmills, Sancho Panza by his side? Mwah. That’s some artsy shit right there.

But anyway, since the team’s other two quarterback options C.J. Brown and Danny O’Brien are still too busy learning how to shave, there wasn’t a whole lot of drama here. Unless, of course, you were a producer of “Terrapins Rising,” in which case Jamarr Robinson’s brave battle was like Rudy, Brian’s Song, and Who Shot J.R. all rolled into one. And at no point in the show did anyone ever say, “Hey, Jamarr’s our backup.” No one implied it. No one sarcastically referenced it. Thanks for the closure, guys. (For the record, Robinson is indeed the backup, and could see game action this year regardless of Chris Turner’s status. But yeah, thanks for helping me to not learn that on the show, guys. I guess we’ll have to “tune in to the games to find out,” won’t we. I see what you did there. Sweet.

Anyway, another fine season of Terrapins Rising. Its end is just another signal that the real stuff’s about to begin.


is 2009 the year of the forward pass?

We'll see more of Jamarr Robinson this year.

We'll see more of Jamarr Robinson this year.

I just read Eric Pisbell’s column on Maryland’s deep receiving corps and I’ve been sifting through the preseason football camp logs on the site.  They are excellent reading if you want to get yourself psyched up about the team.  The recurring theme in these reports is that the offensive focus in the preseason has been on the passing game.  One could argue that the passing game is in focus because that is where the Terps need the most work.  I see signs that there is something different going on this year.

Coach Ralph Friedgen seems to finally trust QB Chris Turner.  When asked which players have stood out in the preseason, Friedgen responded, “Chris Turner – he’s really doing a great job of seeing things, setting the defense, using his cadence, making decisions. I’m very pleased with how he’s playing.”  This is the first year in as long as I can remember that there is a clear cut #1 starter at the QB position.  Consistency has been the knock on Turner in the past, but he’s going to benefit from having all the first team snaps he needs before the beginning of this season.  Backup QB Jamaar Robinson has progressed.   Should Turner suffer an injury, the reports out of camp indicate that Robinson is a capable backup.  Robinson also gives the team a QB that can get out of the pocket and make plays on the ground.

When Friedgen took the team over in November 2000, he was touted as an offensive coach that knew how to balance the run with the pass.  The team’s success during his tenure has been mostly due to stout defense and punishing running backs.  While Maryland has a very capable set of backs in Da’Rel Scott and Davin Meggett, they have three standout receivers that have emerged from a field of ten.  Torrey Smith, Adrian Cannon, and Ronnie Tyler have all benefited from preseason competition for roster spots.  According to Prisbell’s article, the focus of the competition has been on limiting drops.  If the receiving corps can succeed in achieving their goal of limiting drops to 3% of passes, 2009 will be Maryland’s Year of the Forward Pass.


Terrapins Rising recap: Episode No. 4

Have a few words with the CANNON

Have a few words with the CANNON

Thought I would offer a little retrospective on each episode of Comcast SportsNet’s documentary show Terrapins Rising. Think Hard Knocks, the scrubbed-clean collegiate version. Where are the recaps of episodes 1-3, you ask? SHUT UP! I’m lazy in the summer. And ornery! I’m like the Derrick Coleman of Shell Games. Maybe if I could peel Terphed’s lips away from the keg tap, I’d be a little more pleasant. I’m like a single mom in this bitch. He’s the Vin Baker of Shell Games.

So episode 4 was pretty good. It started with a scary moment, when Doak Walker award candidate Da’rel Scott and arguable top defensive player Nolan Carroll collided and collapsed during a scrimmage. Or rather, it would have been scary if it hadn’t happened four months ago and I already knew they were both okay. (The show chronicles spring practice, new season practices start Aug. 10.) Always jarring to see someone carted off the field, though, as Carroll was. Luckily all he got was a headache.

The show also served to introduce viewers to receiver Adrian Cannon. A lot of the receiver talk currently centers on Torrey Smith, but if Cannon can find some consistency, look out. Either way, they both have real nice wide receiver names. How can you go wrong when your top two guys are Torrey Smith and Adrian Cannon? Smith and Cannon, son. And that’s real. Throw LaQuan Williams in there, and we can NOT lose.

Finally, the show followed Jamarr Robinson, who is battling, apparently against himself, for the backup QB spot. He seems like a smart guy, charismatic, well-respected, but I want everyone to just admit that he isn’t going to become a factor for this team. It almost seems unfair to him. The guy never makes any plays! Let’s just go ahead and make a clean break, put Daffy Duck or whoever in the backup slot, and go from there. I think that’s the best thing.

Until next week!

Photo credit: AP Photo/Nick Wass (former Diamondback photog)


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