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Maryland Athletic Budget Slashed

Well, we kinda saw this coming, but that doesn’t make it any more fun.

The Terps athletic department is cutting $301,000 out of the football budget, according to the Baltimore Sun. That’s about a 3 percent reduction out of a $9.7 million overall budget.

So what are the ramifications. Well, the team now has to take the bus for some of its games, and the PR folks are sending out media guides on CDs instead of printing them. WHAT? Unacceptable. Oh wait…they won’t give a lowly blogger like me the time of day anyway. At least, I imagine they would not, if they knew I existed.

Lots of other sports are also affected. Men’s basketball, which has a $4.4 million budget, was trimmed $137,786, or about 3.1 percent. Women’s basketball saw its budget – about $2.6 million – cut $61,583, or about 2.4 percent. The “Olympic sports” of swimming and diving, track and field, gymnastics, tennis and other sports, are being cut by 9 percent (tennis is an Olympic sport?). Lots of Ramen noodles in their future, I’m afraid.

The good news is that it seems like no sports will be eliminated barring some catastrophe. AD Debbie Yow said “I’m pretty steadfast on the 27 [sports]. We’re just going to get through this period.”

So just a little general belt-tightening. It’s understandable. It could be worse. Besides, riding the bus builds character.


dwight barbiasz has got mad hops

Dwight setting a high school record.

Dwight setting a high school record.

The Terps had a good showing at the annual Maryland Indoor Invitational last week, and the brightest star at the meet was high jumper Dwight Barbiasz.  I first mentioned Barbiasz in my winter sports preview post in October.  He was the most touted indoor track and field recruit in this year’s over-sized freshman class.  Last year at Milford H.S., Barbiasz set the New Hampshire high school state record in long jump with a 6’8″ mark and in high jump with a 7’11” leap on his way to becoming the High School Outdoor National High Jump Champion, as well becoming as the National Long Jump Champion.

On January 10th, Barbiasz immediately made his presence felt on the world of college track and field with a record 7-00.25 mark in the long jump.  Later in the week he won the event at the Maryland Indoor Invitational by bettering his own record with a 7-01.25 jump.  When an athlete begins his college career by breaking a record and then re-breaking his own record a week later one can assume that he’s destined to take the sport to new heights.  Barbiasz has also given me the opportunity to be the first person ever to make a “new heights” analogy in describing a track and field athlete, which is a personal honor and a privilege.

I think we’re going to hear more and more about this kid the closer we get to the 2012 London Olympics.  Kudos to head coach Andrew Valmon for bringing Barbiaszin as part of a very talented class of freshmen.  With athletes like this, the team should be in good shape for years to come.


jack-o-lantern heralds the beginning of winter sports



Hi there guys and ghouls!  Huh huh huh!  It’s me, your squatty old friend Jack-O-Lantern.  Now, I’m not a scaaaaary faced Jack-O-Lantern like some of my cousins.  Nope, not me.  I’m a happy pumpkin, and I’m here to talk with you kids about Maryland’s winter sports!  You see kids, when there is a chill in the air and the leaves start to change two things happen: I get carved-up and immediately start to decay, and winter sports begin!  So start roastin your seeds, stock-up that wood pile, and warm your cockles because it’s time to go indoors! Yuk yuk yuk!

Both the men and women’s Swimming and Diving teams beat Johns Hopkins in College Park at Eppley Recreation Center Natatorium last weekend.  The two teams placed six swimmers in the Olympic Trials over the summer, so look for a winning season from both programs.  They face the Blue Devils in Raleigh on Halloween. That sounds spooky to me!

The Wrestling team finished the season with a 16-4 record and an ACC Championship last year.  Led by All-American Hudson Taylor, the team returns 9 of 10 starters and comes into the season ranked #17.  They start the season at the Fighting Scot Duals in Edinboro, PA this Saturday. Hey, maybe you should dress-up as a Fighting Scot this Friday!

The Competitive Cheer team is going for their fourth straight NCA national title.  That’s right, there are no finer cheerleaders than Maryland cheerleaders.  The team recently named senior Ali Pascucci and junior Lauren Louis co-captains.  Their first demonstration was at Maryland Madness, but the season starts in December. I just hope Maryland Madness ends before Mischief Night, otherwise I might end-up as a pile of mush! Wuh huh!

Gymnastics starts in January, and this year is a farewell season for 31-year head coach Bob Nelligan. The Gymnastics team has a blog of its own called Tumble Talk! Check-in and you’ll find tantilizing tidbids such as this quote from Kelsey McDermid: “Brandi George is putting her new dismount in and it looks great!”  I don’t even know what that means but it sounds hot. Wait, am I supposed to be a pumpkin?

Finally, the Indoor Track and Field teams also start in January.  The teams graduated a combined 15 seniors, and replace them with 21 freshmen coming into this year.  Watch out for high school national champion Dwight Barbiasz to out leap the competition this year.

OK kids, that’s it for now, old Jack needs to get back to his post before nightfall.  Just remember to root for winter sports, and please don’t kick my head in! Happy Halloween and GO TERPS!


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