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Terp women’s lacrosse falls short

Awww, don't worry're still hot.

Awww, don't worry're still hot.

Looks like UNC pulled the upset on the lady Terps to end the theretofore perfect season. The Terps apparently fought hard but were frustrated by the Heels. It came as a surprise to at least some people, as the lead of Inside Lacrosse’s game summary notes that the Terps will meet Northwestern in the c-ship. Were that it were so, but there will be no dream final for women’s lacrosse fans this year.

This also brings the on-field action of the Terps’ 2008-2009 athletic year to a close. Think of something you once saw in an NCAA commercial about the great contributions and constitutions of the student-athlete, and repeat that something to yourself right now. If you are so inclined. Goterps.

(Photo credit:  Baltimore Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr. / May 22, 2009)


Terp women’s lacrosse is last team standing

Baseball’s done, golf is done, the major sports are long done. Soon enough, all the Terps bloggers and reporters will turn to that most popular of offseason sports…endless speculation on where some flighty (but long…very long) teenager will attend college. It’s like the opposite of the hot stove league — cold fridge league, maybe? I don’t want to name any names, but let’s hope for sanity’s sake that the interminable melodramas of some of these commitment-phobes — let’s just refer to them collectively as Shmance Shmevenson — come to an end sooner rather than later. Then we can all go back to covering those heated field hockey training camp position battles.

But not so fast, my friend! Before that all happens, we’ve still got some bidness to handle on the field. Some serious bidness. We’ve got another title in play, baby. The Terp women’s lacrosse team rallied last week against Syracuse to avenge the men’s loss. And tonight, they face the familiar faces of North Carolina, a team the Terps beat 13-8 in the regular season. Ten of 12 Inside Lacrosse staffers picked the Terps to win, so that’s gotta mean something. Check out their slightly scrambled but still very insightful preview here.

The tournament has pretty much gone according to plan. Northwestern, the four-time (good god) defending champion, and the Terps, who with nine titles are the nation’s winningest program overall (that’s right bitches), are still on a collision course. Both teams are undefeated. If the Terps can get past the Heels, and the Wildcats beat Penn, we could have one for the ages.

Friday’s games and Sunday’s championship game will be broadcast on CBS College Sports. Whatever that is, I don’t think I have it. Maybe I’ll listen on WMUC. Sure, you can’t get reception outside of South Campus Dining Hall, but whatever. That won’t be weird. I’ll eat chicken tenders.

Oh, and happy Memorial Day!


Let me be the last to make a Bill Gramatica joke at Brian Phipps’ expense

So Brian Phipps went down with a torn ACL after jumping around protesting a call. That is…embarrassing. What other word can I use? It’s a freak accident, and I hope Brian is OK, but it was just embarrassing. And in a way, perhaps it was symbolic. As it turned out, it was the beginning of the end of the Maryland mens’ lacrosse season, as they would eventually fall to Syracuse 11-6.

The parallels with the hoops team continued…as in basketball, the lacrosse team followed up a first-round upset in the tournament with a loss to a number-two seed. I know…I’m freaked out too. Overall, both teams showed flashes throughout the season, and had a reasonable amount of success, but in the end, it wasn’t quite enough in either case to live up to all of the expectations that people have, rightly or not, for the two programs. In a nutshell, both teams underacheived for most of the season, then overacheived late, but not enough to make the deep run that many hoped for before the initial underacheivements. Or something like that.

However, the lacrosse team, with 12 seniors on board, were the bigger disappointment. They actually set a team record for losses in a season with seven. Here’s hoping they bounce back next year. Brian, take care of that knee. Hope you don’t end up enshrined in some Wacky Injuries blooper reel. No way you’re bumping Milton Bradley off that list.


Maryland-Syracuse Lacrosse Preview in 50 words or less


Unseeded Terps three-goal underdogs versus #2 Syracuse.   Defending champion Orange rock solid in all phases. Terps midfielders like Dan Groot and Grant Catalino spark offense. ‘Cuse too much firepower for shootout. If Terps want upset, try to get early lead, then sit on it.

Saturday noon ESPN2.  Go Terps!  Boom.


Terp mens’ lacrosse run reminiscent of hoops team


The women’s game was a lopsided and fully expected disemboweling of Colgate, 20-4.  Inside Lacrosse called the win “convincing.” Yes. And Hiroshima was a “convincing” military exercise.  Good luck to Colgate in trying to floss those shreds of shoelace and large intestine out of their mouths.  Minty.

Meanwhile, the unranked men’s team pulled off the opposite — a pretty significant upset over the seventh-seeded Fighting Irish. Maryland got serious on defense and forced Notre Dame into 22 turnovers. That’s not how you win lacrosse games, Irish. Where be yer Pot O’ Gold? Aye…ye fumbled it away? Me eyes are cryin.

But in any case, this just continues the Terps’ parallelisms to the men’s basketball team…a first-round upset of a favored but probably overrated team with a weak schedule. If the parallels are to continue, they’ll lose in the next round…so let’s hope the similarities end here.

Up next for the men? Syracuse, next Saturday. Goterps.

(Photo credit: Inside Lacrosse)


It’s go time for Terps lacrosse teams


It’s on, baby. It is so freaking on.  May 10 is D-Day, or as “normal” people call it, the first day of postseaon play, for both the Maryland men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, although they face different expectations going in.

The 19-0 women earned the second seed in the 16-team tournament, behind only Northwestern, who are going for their fifth straight (good God!) NCAA title. If both teams reach the final, they’d face each other on May 24. The Terps also have some favorable crowd conditions–they get the first rounds in the CP, and the Final Four and c-ship games are a quick bus trip up 95 at Towson University. Potentially standing in the Terps’ way: North Carolina, Syracuse, and Notre Dame. The Terps first-round opponent: Colgate. Yes. Just like the toothpaste. So that’s kinda nifty.

On the other hand, the far more bubbly men’s team had to rely on an at-large bid to back into the tourney after finishing 9-6. The men’s lax team was a lot like this year’s basketball team…kind of an up-and-down season, underacheivement followed by overacheivement, but in the end, just enough “signature wins” (Duke and Carolina…sound familiar?) to justify their inclusion. They get Notre Dame in the first round, a game The Diamondback says could be pretty competitive despite Notre Dame’s much higher ranking. Reason being is that the Irish, who went undefeated, kind of had a slightly mushy schedule this year. Check out this murderer’s row that comprised the team’s last five opponents: Denver, St. John’s, Ohio State, and, of course, the mighty Quinnipiac – twice. Combined record: 24-30. You don’t have to be a lacrossestician to see that’s not very good.

So we shall see when they cross sticks….between the white lines! Go Terps.


That girl from “I Love You Man” has sisters on the lacrosse team

Maybe.  But before I get to that…the lesser-known Maryland sports just keep on rolling. The latest trophy for the case comes from your 2009 ACC Champion women’s lacrosse team. Only one more regular season game (Saturday vs. Princeton) for the undefeated, #2 Terps before Selection Sunday May 3, which I assume airs on CBS.

A few quick observations:

  • Freshman phenom goalie Brittany Dipper has a porn star name.  Just calling it as I see it.  Miss Dipper, you’ll always be welcome in “the industry,” as we like to call it here in the industry.
  • What’s up with all these Maryland towns named after larger, more famous places? ACC MVP Caitlyn McFadden hails from Phoenix, Md. Amanda Spinnenweber, who does NOT have a porn star name, is from Pasadena, Md.  Grace “I can’t believe I’m not Asian” Gaeng is from Bel Air, Md. There is also a California, Md. and a Hollywood, Md.  I’m telling you right now — there is no Maryland, California.
  • Lady Terps Brittany and Brandi Jones are sisters.  But more interestingly, both bear a strong resemblance to actress Rashida Jones, who is perhaps best known for playing Jim’s other girlfriend on The Office a while back or the fiance in “I Love You, Man,” which was a really good movie by the way.   Same last name…all from California…

Judge for yourself:







See? Freakin uncanny right?  Now this is the kind of hard-hitting news I like to provide. You are so welcome. Goterps.


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