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Yeah! Terps upend the Bears

I’ll start with the obvious: HUGE win for the Terps today, 35-27 over #23 Cal. Soon enough, the IFs and BUTs will come…it’s only big IF it leads to real momentum…it’s big BUT they could easily backslide. BUT for now, if only for a little while, the players and coaching staff have earned some unadulterated praise.

Lots to be proud of today if you’re a Terp fan…the Byrd Stadium crowd was rocking, the team came out fired up, and the coaches had a terrific game plan. Cal had one of those classic West Coast D-lines full of huge, long-haired Polynesian guys, and the Terps found ways to get their offensive skill players around them and into space where they could make plays. Turner was rock solid today, and was kept within himself, if that makes sense. I noticed that if he messed up on a play, they came right back to the same thing or something similar. That was good. And his picture-perfect TD strike to Darrius Heyward-Bey in the third quarter was the offensive play of the game. DHB, Da’rel Scott, and Davin Meggett (87yds/2TD and 82yds/1TD, respectively) all had great games, anchored by Turner’s welcome steadiness, some workmanlike tight end play, and an O-line that at times was straight dominant. Where were the guys who gassed last week in Tennessee? Not that I miss them.

The defense played great, too. They applied steady pressure and did an excellent job containing Jahvid Best — who would have thought he’d be the third-best running back on the field today? Play of the game overall was Kevin Barnes almost knocking Best’s head off (and sending him to the sidelines for a while). Check it out:

(By the way, I think that wide-screen pass play is one of the worst offensive calls in football. It’s never successful, and it makes the receiver a sitting duck.)

As always, of course, there are reasons to temper the enthusiasm. There was a lot of talk and then some about Cal being jet lagged and unaccustomed to the mid-Atlantic humidity. But I think both concerns were validated. Cal came out flat, plain and simple. And the Terps’ kicker, Egekeze, is probably toast. He’s 0-5 on field goals over three games. They can’t stay with him.

But overall, the Terps looked great. Their stars stepped up, they executed consistently, they made plays, and they withstood a late Cal run with (reasonable) poise. In a way, this win makes the Middle Tennessee game all the more frustrating. If we had brought the same focus to Murfreesboro, it would be a different narrative right now…but everyone knows that. It’s a broken record lately with Maryland. It remains to be seen which of these two games will be more representative of the season.

Looking ahead, who knows what can happen this year in the ACC? It’s anybody’s conference and that’s the truth. I’m not saying Maryland is now a top ACC contender, but who would have thought a week ago that the Nov. 15 tilt between Maryland and North Carolina might have BCS implications? There’s A LOT that can happen between now and then, of course. But for just the “now” part, we’re looking pretty good. No IFs, ANDs, or BUTs about it.


Right this way, Jordan! We just wanna talk to you a little bit


Hey, Jordan, over here!  How ya doin?  How’s the thumb, heh?  Feelin better?  What did you say?  Didn’t quite catch that. Oh, you say it’s no big deal?  You’ll be ready this Saturday?  Heheh, that sounds great, Jordan.  And on behalf of myself, and all my associates here, I wanna wish you all the best. 

Oh, wait.  There was just one more thing.  The coach asked me to deliver a little message to you.  Yeah, that’s right, Ralphie the Fridge sent us.  So come on back, will ya?  I guess you could say this is our own little locker room back here.  You like it?  There’s just one little pointer we wanna give you.  On your throwin technique. It’ll only take a moment of your time. Come on back, Jordan.  I insist. 

Atta boy. Don’t be nervous, we’ve done this many times. And it may be NSFW, by the way.

Put some ice on it, Jordan. Someone call Ralphie, tell him it’s taken care of and he can go with Chris.


friedgen reveals he fathered steffy

"Don't let them get to you, son."Amid questions regarding quarterback Jordan Steffy’s poor performance against D-IIA Delaware this Saturday, Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen revealed that he is protective of Steffy because he is, in fact, Steffy’s father.  The Post quotes Friedgen as stating, “If you’re booing my son, I’m going to get upset. That’s how I look at this kid. If he was a kid who didn’t give effort, who didn’t prepare, then that would be a different story.”

Questions regarding Freidgen’s relation to Steffy had arisen when sideline reporters overheard the coach whispering, “Don’t let them get to you, son,” during a game against West Virginia [pictured above]. Friedgen was the Terps offensive coordinator under Bobby Ross in December 1984 during the time which he would have impregnated Shari Steffy-Long.  Jordan Steffy could not be reached for comment because Freidgen has forbid the media from contacting his son.  According to the Post article, “Friedgen said he has felt the need to insulate Steffy from media scrutiny, which was why Steffy was not allowed to speak to reporters after Saturday’s game. Steffy was also not made available to speak with reporters yesterday.”

When asked for comment, backup quarterback Josh Portis said, “This explains a lot.  The coaches keep telling everyone I have ‘freakish talent’ yet the only plays they let me run this Saturday were naked bootlegs.  I feel like I’m back in Pop Warner and coach is giving his son all the playing time.”  The Terps other backup quarterback, Chris Turner, had one word for reporters: “Duuuuuude.”

Steffy sustained an injury to the thumb on his throwing hand in the season opener against Delaware, and is questionable for this Saturday’s game at Middle Tennessee.  Friedgen concluded the press conference by expressing pride in his kid and saying, “With what he is dealing with, and the scrutiny of every pass being judged, some of those people booing him would love for their children to be like Jordan Steffy.” Freidgen refused to comment when he was asked whether Steffy was faking injury so that he can be replaced as the starter without being embarrassed in front of his friends.


The Overreactor sounds off

OMFG.  Okay, okay, before we even engage on this, did you even see the game?  Yeah, sure, the Terps won, but to a true fan, things like Final Scores are of less importance than other stuff.  Like pass-blocking and gap-scheming, for example. Casual fans don’t know much about those, but trust me…they were piss poor.  Not to mention a little position I like to call QUARTERBACK.   Just slightly important, imho.  Wake up people!   You’re just fiddling aboard the Titanic, and we’re passing Rome on the right, and I see people toasting marshmallows at the city gates! (i.e., Rome is burning.)

Steffy looked so unbelievably putrid that I started pouring Jack Daniels directly onto my eyeballs, right there at the bar.  Anything to cleanse myself of those images of him underthrowing receivers and getting happy feet in the pocket. Some girl was like, “you’re spilling that on me,” but I was all like “why did I just do that, it really hurts.” Turner didn’t exactly fill me with confidence either. And God help us if we can’t finish drives–our kicker is unquestionably the worst in D-1. The boos raining down on them at Byrd were like sweet music to my ears. For a second, it was like I was back at the O.A.R. concert.

To sum up for you guys, there is absolutely NO WAY WE GO TO A BOWL this year unless we do the following things: Revoke Steffy’s scholarship, get Turner to transfer, start Portis next week, fire Ralph Friedgen, deport the kicker, and demand the immediate retraction of every single article ever written that included a positive word about Jordan Steffy. (Honestly, is that what passes for “journalism?”) These things MUST happen. Take it from me…the biggest Terp fan in the world.


quarterbacks are people too

Every once in awhile I’ll read an article that actually changes my opinion on an athlete. After reading Eric Prisbell’s update on Jordan Steffy in today’s Post, I must say I have a bit more sympathy for Steffy. You’ll recall that Steffy took an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit in a game against Rutgers last September. Rutgers is known as one of the dirtiest shit talking schools in the country, and there was great speculation that the hit was intentional and called for by the coaching staff to knock Steffy out of the game. Steffy suffered a severe concussion from the hit and missed most of the season, only to return for a few possessions in October.

It has been almost a year since the hit and Steffy is just getting back to 100%. His concussion was not the run of the mill seeing stars kind. For the last year Steffy suffered through severe headaches and memory loss. Reading this article today made me remember that a) Steffy is just a 22-year old kid, b) This sort of injury can be both mentally and physically devastating, and c) It took a lot of guts for him to get back on the field.

For once I’m going to change my stripes. After criticizing him for the last three years, I’ll be pulling for Jordan Steffy today. His talent and character have never been in doubt, but he’s never been on the field long enough to reach full potential. I have a lot of respect for a young guy that can man-up and make it back after suffering a big setback. Every new season is a clean slate. I’d love to see Steffy reach his full potential on the field in his senior year.


chris turner, back for more, says “look at that little meggett run!”

Terrapins quarterback Chris Turner is staying at Maryland, as confirmed by his father on Many of our readers already know that Maryland quarterback Chris Turner’s father, John Turner, was an original member of the band Ratt. John recorded on the Ratt hit “Back for More”, which may have inspired Chris’s return. Let’s examine some of the lyrics from this Ratt classic:

You turn him away, you tell him you’re mine
You make him believe you’re but one of a kind
You give him a cold look, you tell him a lie
You turn him away, girl, you know you’re mine

And you’re back, you’re back for more
You turn away, you’re back for more

Yes, sage advice from the old man in the form of a song. Like the girl in this song, Chris knows he is not one of a kind, but one of three quarterbacks that will be forced into action at some point this year. Chris knows that head coach Ralph Friedgen is only telling Jordan Steffy he has the starting job because he has seniority, but that Steffy’s status is tenuous. So Chris is back for more back-up duty. It’s amazing that John had the foresight to lay that track down 30 years ago.

In a related heartwarming father-son story, freshman running back Davin Meggett, son of little Giant David Meggett, is already making a big impression on his team. Coach Friedgen was quoted as saying, “[Meggett is] solidly in second place, may be pushing for first.” All I’m saying is that you better watch him, ’cause he’s kind of fast. He’s a chip off the old block if you ask me. But whatever you do, don’t read the Wikipedia entry on Dave Meggett, especially not the section on his personal life.



Steffy named starter, tumbleweeds tumble

So is it just me, or is there a lot of yawning going on this summer when it comes to Maryland football?  No buzz, no blue chip players, no interesting storylines, no nothing.  People already seem resigned to finishing 7-5, beating Fresno State 20-12 in the Meow Mix Bowl, and calling it a season.

And that attitude is not evidenced any better than it is by the coach naming Jordan Steffy the starting QB today seemingly by default.  Steffy, who was highly touted as a high schooler but has since proven injury prone and remarkably unremarkable in game action, is not exactly lighting my world on fire. 

Doesn’t he sort of look like a guy you’d find working at Trick Trucks or as a club promoter or something?  His countenance conveys not so much “BCS quarterback” as it does “ladies drink free.”  On the bright side, maybe he’ll win us a few extra news conferences.  The Fridge could always use some arm candy up there.

The media coverage says it all.  The Washington Post didn’t even have this on their sports home page today, preferring articles on the Texas Longhorns and the Guatemalan baseball team.  The Terps’ own Web site had an article on Important Football Parking Information. So that shows you how baited the breath has really been on this. According to the Baltimore Sun article, “what [the QB decision] came down to was statistical performance.”   Well, that’s good.   I’m really glad the coaches had a gut feeling here, that Steffy leapt up and said “this job is mine.”  Oh, no, wait, careful statistical analyses won the day for Steffy.  He’s like the Chinese uneven bars girl of the 2008 Terps.

Here’s hoping some of the stats in question cover things like “touchdowns” and “victories” when it’s all said and done.  All kidding aside, I hope Steffy (and the rest of the team) is able to exceed expectations — or least establish some kind of expectation at some point this season. Best of luck to them.  I’ll be rooting for them the whole way, with a cool beverage or ten and a nice bowl of Meow Mix on hand.  Goterps.


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