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Buh-bye, Braxton: Terps’ worst big man ever?


So Braxton Dupree is transferring. I would tell him not to let the door hit him in the ass on the way out, but that would require footwork. So instead, Braxton, as you exit, just try not to foul the door. OK? OK.

Braxton’s final stat averages with the Terps? 2.3 points. 2.3 rebounds. What symmetry. Hey, the guy just lost his confidence and never got it back.  He was buried on the bench by season’s end and that wasn’t gonna change. Eventually, he seemed to stop caring, as evidenced by his somewhat infamous sideline cut-ups at the end of a Terps loss.  The good news — beyond, you know, no more Braxton — is there’s now room for another player. It will be interesting to see what materializes there.

Now, only two questions remain. One: where does he rank on the list of all-time worst Terps big men, of which there are many? I’d rank him ahead (ie, worse than) Mike Mardesich and Travis Garrison, but just below Will Bowers for the worst all-time. Now that’s something you can hang your hat on. Question number two: where will he transfer to? Maybe UC Santa Cruz? He kinda looks like a Banana Slug. Or what about Mineral Area College? Eastern Idaho Tech? Wherever you land, best of luck, sir.


The Braxton Line

From last night’s win over N.C. State, according to

Braxton Dupree, C 3 0-0 0-0 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0

Keep up the good work, Braxton.


Terps answer the bell, say “please take me off your list,” hang up

A while back I joked that, because Duke beat the Terps by 41 and Clemson beat Duke by 27, that Clemson would beat Maryland by around 70. Well, sadly for me, that wasn’t too far off, as Clemson destroyed Maryland by 29 last night, 93-64. So much for the momentum, not to mention the gleam.

No Terp fan needs to be told that the tournament is looking more and more like a pipe dream.  The true challenge now lies in seeing how many beers it takes me to sustain my famous optimism.

Or, at least, my ability to continue watching these blowouts to their conclusion (they’ve now lost four times this season by 17 or more). And last night’s second half was near the top for sheer ugliness.  If you found a time when either team ran a coherent offensive play on two consecutive possessions, you’re ahead of me.  The Terps’ offense fell apart because they lost their composure.  The Tigers stopped running offense because they didn’t need to.

Big man Trevor Booker was the star for #13 Clemson. His final line was 11 points on 5-5 shooting, 14 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 three-pointer, 1 highlight-reel dunk, 1 hamburger consumed on the sideline, 5 pantomimes implying sexual domination, 7 text messages sent during game action, 4 bitch smacks on Gary Williams’ mama, 1 wading into the crowd to bang a groupie, and 2 horseback ridings of Big Dave Neal. You get the idea. I give Big Dave Neal credit though…he hung in there. Braxton Dupree would have been rocking back and forth under the basket like Rain Man.

What else, what else. Oh, Sean Mosely had the worst two-minute stretch of basketball I’ve seen this season. Before he was mercifully pulled at 17:45 of the second half, he missed two layups, committed one foul, and got smoked and roasted by Terrence Oglesby for an easy layup. Oglesby actually spread relish on Mosely’s arm and took a bite as he drove by. It was just wrong.

But Mosely wasn’t the only one. That second-half stinkfest was a group effort, as evidenced by the team’s 38 percent FG percentage (and Clemson’s 58). One bright spot: Jerome Burney made his return from injury and got two points and three boards. It’ll be nice to have him for the stretch run…such as it is. The 16-9 Terps have Carolina next. Any time they want to start that patented late-season run, that would be great. In the meantime, hand me another beer. Go Terps.


So how are the women doing?

With the lady Terps set to start ACC play this Thursday at home against Wake Forest, and with this final calm before the storm that is the men’s conference schedule, now seemed like a good time to check in with the basketball program’s better half.

I find Marissa Coleman attractive

I find Marissa Coleman attractive

At the season’s midway point, Brenda Frese’s squad has a record similar to their male counterparts…12-2 to the guys’ 11-2.  Their one key numerical difference, of course, is their rankings, with the women at 14 in this week’s AP poll, while the men, well, you know. (That’s what actually making the tournament will do for you, ahem, Gary Williams.) The lady Terps are keyed by two senior stars: point guard Kristi Tolliver and forward Marissa Coleman. Together, they account for 40% of the team’s points and 57% of its assists.  But wait, there’s more.  Junior Demauria Liles and freshman powerhouse Lynetta Kizer are great complements to Coleman underneath. Together, the three average more than 24 boards a game. Insert your own Braxton Dupree joke here.

They may not generate the interest (or the drama) that the men do, but the stats will show you that the lady Terps are the better program right now by a sizable distance. With Carolina (#2), Duke (#5), Virginia (#15), and Georgia Tech (#22) all ranked right now, it’s going to be another knock-down, drag-out season. Best of luck to the lady Terps in their quest to get back to the championship podium.

(Photo credit:


Dupree’s classes suddenly, regularly switching locations

I wasn’t able to watch the game last night, but by most accounts it seemed to be a gutty, probably-closer-than-it-needed-to-be-but-still-a-40-minute-effort team victory, 75-70 over Michigan. True to the formula, when the Terps get balanced scoring (four guys in double figures), a win usually follows. Although let’s not make these Wolverines into Glen Rice and the Fab Five. Rumeal Robinson isn’t walking through that door.

Down toward the bottom of the Washington Post article came this little nugget:

One player who was unavailable to help out was usual starter Braxton Dupree. The sophomore center missed class on Monday and sat out last night’s game as a result.

Oh, sorry, Braxton, did you not get the memo? I swear I sent it to you.  We moved all your classes into the Food Co-Op.  Did you not think to look there?  Yo, our bad, bro.  If only we had known it would cause you to miss a game…well, we’re just beside ourselves.

A friendly classmate helps Braxton fine-tune his snooze settings.

Hats off to Gary’s lineup changes in general. It was about time Bowie got some more run, although he didn’t seem to play particularly well. Landon Milbourne(?) got the start at center and ended up not only sparking the victory, evidently, but also getting three rebounds and one block.  That’s an improvement of precisely three rebounds and one block over Dupree’s performance against Georgetown.  Huzzah!


Thank God for field hockey

Without field hockey, and men’s soccer, Terp fans wouldn’t have much to be proud of right now.

First, on Saturday the football team lost to BC to wrap up its season the way the mobsters wrapped up that dead fish in “The Godfather.” Meow Mix Bowl, here we come. Despite the crazy ups and downs, the team ended exactly where most people (including us) thought they would — smack in the middle of Mediocre Town. Maybe they can celebrate the season with mashed potato sandwiches and Miller Lite drafts at the Medicore Town Diner, followed by a lecture from Friedgen on the Jimmy Carter presidency. I can already hear the polite applause.

It’s a Sicilian message. It means
“welcome to the Meineke Car Care Bowl.”

So after that, the hoops team follows up a bad loss to Gonzaga with an even worse loss to Georgetown. The Hoyas took a scalpel to the Terps — it was clinical, it was ruthless, and it was humiliating. Outplayed, outcoached, outhustled, outeverythinged. When the Terps were on defense, the Hoyas slashed the interior to ribbons until the Terps packed the middle with a zone, at which point Georgetown simply knocked down open perimeter shots. When the Terps were on offense, the Hoyas screwed down on Vasquez, perhaps figuring that not only is Vasquez the team’s only consistent offensive threat, but that intense pressure was likely to force Vasquez into sloppy mistakes. The final Vasquez line: 2 points, 4 assists, 4 turnovers. But that wasn’t even the worst line of the night. For that, of course, we must go to the frontcourt, where, in 21 minutes of play, Braxton Dupree finished with 6 points, 1 turnover, zero blocks, and zero rebounds. Again, he got 21 minutes. Just FYI, Jerome Burney and Dino Gregory each got 4 rebounds in 8 minutes of play. Draw your own conclusions.

Bottom line: the football season ended with a whimper, and if the basketball team doesn’t treat this weekend as a wake-up call, they may not even get a whimper out before their cold dead carcass hits the hardwood. Better moments could be in store for the hoops team, but if the football team and previous basketball seasons are any indication, another up-and-down campaign will just mean more mashed potato sandwiches real soon. If they’re lucky. Gulp.


Terps win $10,000 in one hand, lose $8,000 in next

And so it goes. 

The hoops team put it all together in a monstrous win over no. 5 Michigan State. They got a balanced attacked from Hayes, Vasquez, Neal, and Bowie, they played to their strengths, and they out-hustled the Spartans on every loose ball.

But then, that broken Maryland record started skipping again.

In a butt-kicking the next night at the hands of no. 10 Gonzaga, the Terps’ lacking frontcourt was utterly exposed. The Terps were outrebounded by 11, and the two main Bulldog big men, Heytfelt and Daye, combined for 39 points. Dupree, Neal, Burney, and Dino Gregory answered with a combined 12.

Meanwhile, Vasquez seems to forget his lessons just as quickly as he learns them. He channeled his intensity into great hustle and determination against MSU, but against Gonzaga it reverted to sloppiness. Hayes disappeared entirely.

I agree completely with this quote from Steve Yanda in Terrapins Insider:

Last night seemed like a throw-back to last season, when Greivis Vasquez was asked to shoulder the scoring load while everyone else tried to figure out some way to be useful. That, clearly, will not fly…the Terps need (and I mean NEED) at least two or three players besides Vasquez to score in double digits in order for them to be successful. The guy is good, but not good enough to carry the team by himself.

We need other guys to step up — plain and simple. If they do, we win. If they don’t, we lose. That’s no news flash, but it bears repeating.

All in all, we’re still ahead. The Spartans upset will be a signature win, and definitely means more than the loss to Gonzaga, who played some serious ball last night. The Terps left it all out on the floor for MSU, and gassed pretty hard last night, so fatigue played a role here, too. So overall a good effort. It’s just frustrating that the team always seems to give back so quickly most or all of the momentum it ever gains.

Silver lining: Sunday we’ve got Georgetown. Huzzah! It’s a shame they need to go all the way to Orlando to renew that local rivalry, but I’ll take it. If we can win it, that is. Goterps.


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