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I may have to watch an entire women’s basketball game

There are some things I’ve had on my Bucket List for some time now.   Read Infinite Jest cover to cover.   The running of the bulls in Pamplona.  Drink an entire one of those Heineken mini kegs without using a glass.  Watch an entire women’s basketball game on television.   I know these are big dreams.  And I hope I haven’t alienated you.  I’m just a regular guy, albeit with some formidably big dreams. But I put my pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else.  Trust me on that.

And now, I’m joyful to say, an opportunity is nigh.  Truth be told, perhaps this entire basketball season — men’s and women’s — has been leading up to this one Herculean effort on my part.  I’m not saying it will be easy.  But what it will be, is maybe potentially entertaining, is what it will be. So suck on that.  Because I’ve gotta catch these Lady Terps for the full 40 minutes.  I caught the final minutes of their second-round dismantling of Utah last night in the final home game for Kristi Tolliver and Marissa Coleman, and they were totally dominant.   (It was gratifying to see the home crowd acknowledge this, too.)   Maryland is now on a collision course with Connecticut for alllll the marbles.

Mike Wise was right in his column today, which said that Tolliver and Coleman were now THE all-time stars of Maryland women’s hoops. Hard to argue with that. In fact, I’ll go him one better and claim, without hesitation, that they are the Juan Dixon and Lonny Baxter of the Lady Terps. In fact, I’ll go him two better and say that, if they beat the Huskies in the final to win their second title in four years, they might challenge UConn, Tennessee, and Lisa Leslie for a spot on that tiny shelf of the national consciousness reserved for women’s basketball.

But you know what? I’m not going to stop there, either. Because I’m crazy. I’m not doing Mike just one better. I’m not going to stop there. And I’m not stopping at two better either. I’m going to do him THREE better, right here and now, right in this blog post, and commit to watching an entire women’s basketball game on television. What’s the next game? March 28 at 2 p.m. against Vanderbilt. Damn it all! I think that’s my afternoon to polish my shoes. But I could try to shuffle it around. That’s my solemn promise. These ladies are a can’t miss. Go Terps.


Lady Terps win ACC Tourney, Men hopefully taking some kind of notes


HUGE congratulations to the Maryland female hoop squad, who won the program’s first ACC tournament in 20 years last night with a monstrous overtime win against Duke.

No one can say they got a weak draw, either. They beat Duke and Carolina along the way, plus a squeaker over Wake. As usual, the team was led by ACC Player of the Year Kristi “I am the Female Juan Dixon” Tolliver (24 points and overcoming an illness to play) and ACC Tournament MVP and overall attractive woman Marissa Coleman (28 points, 15 rebounds). This almost certainly locks up a #1 seed for them in the Big Dance. Other than UConn — which seems like an unstoppable juggernaut this year — I don’t see anyone playing better ball right now than Maryland.

If only the same thing could be said for the guys, who finished seventh in the ACC regular season standings. After yet another choke in a game they had to win, Maryland is yet again hoping for some kind of crazy ACC tournament run that they haven’t given anyone any reason to hope is a realistic possibility. But I’m a fan, so hope I do. If I have a rant in me somewhere, I’ll wait until after I watch another Selection Sunday go by with no mention of my beloved Terrapins.

In the meantime, I just took a look at their tournament draw and it’s actually pretty decent. According to the latest bracketology (Bracketologist comment on the Viriginia loss: “Who didn’t see [it] coming from a mile away? Over the past few seasons, these are the kind of games the Terrapins have been unable to win.” But I digress.), Maryland needs at least two more wins for a decent shot at an at-large bid. They’ve got N.C. State in the first round (Thursday, 7 p.m., Raycom) — much better than Virginia, Ga. Tech or Miami. If you’ll follow me into Theoretical Town for just a moment, you will see that a victory there gets them to Wake in the second round, who they played pretty close just a few days ago. A possible Duke semifinal showdown is too crazy to consider at this point. Let’s see if we can pull it together for N.C. State — who was no pushover — and go from there.

My prediction: beat N.C. State, lose a close one to Wake, NIT here we come. Hope they prove me wrong. In the meantime, congrats again to Brenda Frese and her team this season, who continue to beat every team that gets put in front of them. Go (lady) Terps!


(Photo credits: Top: Chuck Burton, Associated Press; Bottom: Greg Fiume)


Lady Terps win regular season ACC title

The Lady Terps are ACC champions.  The Maryland women’s basketball team beat Miami today to lock up the regular season ACC title — the team’s first in 20 years — as well as the #1 seed in the ACC tournament, and probably the Big Dance as well.

You know the drill by now. Tolliver and Coleman led the way with an 11-6 and a 17-16, respectively. But some of the younger players were big in this one, too, as sophomore Marah Strickland (17 pts, 5 ast, 3 reb) and freshman force of nature Lynetta Kizer (10 pts, 10 reb) also made contributions.

The Terps will play the winner of N.C. State-Wake Forest in the second round of the conference tournament, which happens March 6-9 in Greensboro. UNC has won the tourney four straight times…knock em off the throne, ladies.


Can the women make the Final Four?

Tolliver and Coleman...that's a good name for a cop show.

Tolliver and Coleman...that's a good name for a cop show.

I’m a little late on this, but this past Sunday the Lady Terps crushed Duke 77-59 at Comcast Center. They beat the seventh-ranked team in the country by 18 for their seventh straight win…good enough for a #5 ranking in this week’s poll. The records and accolades are starting to build for this team, especially Kristi Tolliver and Marissa Coleman, who are averaging almost 35 ppg combined, will have their jerseys retired this Friday, and will probably both be All-Americans (Tolliver made second team last year, Coleman got honorable mention).

I have to say…I’m as excited as I can possibly be for a team whose games I don’t watch. Hey, I’m just being real. The question now becomes, can they make the Final Four? UConn and Maya Moore are the odds-on title favorites, but after that there’s a drop-off. According to Charlie Creme, who is apparently the Joe Lunardi of the Women’s Game (what a great tombstone epitaph!), the Terps would have a 1 seed if the tourney started today. So there you have it. Can they make it? Sure…being a number one would be a good start. Here’s hoping they finish strong…no reason to suspect they won’t. Goterps.

(Photo credit: Toni L. Sandys — The Washington Post)


Kristi Tolliver beats Noles at the buzzer


Lots of drama last night on the women’s side, as Kristi Tolliver hit a three at the buzzer to lead the no. 9 Terps to victory, 72-71 over Florida State in front of an apparently hostile crowd in Tallahassee.

The only part I saw from the game was the shot itself, when it showed up as No. 2 on SportsCenter’s Top Plays this morning. So I don’t really have anything to say, other than that Tolliver is absolutely nails.  Note to women’s hoop fans:  Do not taunt Kristi Tolliver. She’s got bigger cajones than some of the menfolk.  Anyhoo, Coach Frese’s crew have won seven of nine entering a seemingly easy stretch of games, including a rematch against UVA, before heading to Durham on Feb. 22. Goterps.

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So how are the women doing?

With the lady Terps set to start ACC play this Thursday at home against Wake Forest, and with this final calm before the storm that is the men’s conference schedule, now seemed like a good time to check in with the basketball program’s better half.

I find Marissa Coleman attractive

I find Marissa Coleman attractive

At the season’s midway point, Brenda Frese’s squad has a record similar to their male counterparts…12-2 to the guys’ 11-2.  Their one key numerical difference, of course, is their rankings, with the women at 14 in this week’s AP poll, while the men, well, you know. (That’s what actually making the tournament will do for you, ahem, Gary Williams.) The lady Terps are keyed by two senior stars: point guard Kristi Tolliver and forward Marissa Coleman. Together, they account for 40% of the team’s points and 57% of its assists.  But wait, there’s more.  Junior Demauria Liles and freshman powerhouse Lynetta Kizer are great complements to Coleman underneath. Together, the three average more than 24 boards a game. Insert your own Braxton Dupree joke here.

They may not generate the interest (or the drama) that the men do, but the stats will show you that the lady Terps are the better program right now by a sizable distance. With Carolina (#2), Duke (#5), Virginia (#15), and Georgia Tech (#22) all ranked right now, it’s going to be another knock-down, drag-out season. Best of luck to the lady Terps in their quest to get back to the championship podium.

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