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Redskins sign Kevin Barnes, are Terp-tastic


The Redskins announced today that they have signed former Terp standout Kevin Barnes to a four-year deal, including a respectable $782,000 signing bonus. Barnes, who was drafted in the third round, will compete for the fourth (or third?) CB spot and if nothing else should get plenty of special teams PT.

The CBs currently in front of Barnes on the roster are the overrated Carlos Rogers, the inconsistent DeAngelo Hall, and the injury-prone Fred Smoot. The fourth CB right now is Justin Tryon. Not exactly Madison and Surtain out there for the Skins this season. Barnes could break in before too long.

Was I the only one who didn’t know that Barnes got the highest Wonderlic score of ANY PROSPECT at the combine? I gotta start reading the papes more often. Either way, call me crazy, call me a homer, but I think Barnes can be a player at the pro level. Sure, he’s a little slender at 6′ 1″ 188, and sure, he’s had some injuries. But he plays his tail off. I don’t see him zeroing in on a slot receiver going across the middle and thinking “wait a second, I’m undersized, I need to pull up.” He’s making the hit. As long as he’s on the field, I think he’ll make an impact.

Barnes joins Edwin Williams, Stephon Heyer, and Scott Burley as former Terps on the Skins roster…tied with Minnesota for the most in the league. (Minnesota? Must be some kind of holdover from the Mike Tice era…don’t forget they also gave the great Shaun Hill his NFL start.) Looks like someone is taking a page from the Official Susan O’Malley Sports Marketing Playbook. Good stuff. Go Terps.

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Kevin Barnes out for season…me to try out for secondary

News out of College Park yesterday, and it’s bad. Bad. It’s bad news. Looks like they’re gonna shut down Kevin Barnes for the season after he injured his shoulder last weekend. The team isn’t saying what happened, but I’d guess he at least sprained an AC joint and may have torn a rotator cuff.

Excuse me one second.


Barnes is one of our favorite players around here, as he was crucial both as a playmaker and a leader. Thus, his loss could change the entire personality of this defense. Since he’s a fifth-year senior, he’s played his last down as a Terp. But since he’ll probably be playing on Sundays, I guess it’s the best thing for his career, blah blah blah.

This makes an already banged-up secondary all the weaker. They already lost CB Richard Taylor, and suddenly a lot of freshman are in the mix.

One thing’s for sure…everything will be decidedly less nasty without Kevin Barnes on the field. And that’s a damn shame.


Precipitous Preview: A Bye Week Analysis from a Very Special Internet Celebrity

Editor’s Note: Just because it’s a bye week for the football team doesn’t mean we’re taking the week off. And thus, here’s a preview. Why post a preview when there’s nothing to preview? Because fuck it, that’s why. Plus we’re tired of reading about the economy.

The trick is finding someone who is willing to guest-write a preview that does not preview anything. After all the A-through-D-listers said no, we went to the deep end of the celebrity pool. That’s right: The Internet. Who was willing, and available, for this project? Check it out after the jump why don’t you?

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A Preview You Can Hang Your Hat on: A Maryland-Clemson Analysis from screen legend Wilford Brimley

Okay, let’s get one thing straight here, right off the bat.  I’m a no-nonsense kind of person. You got that?  There are only three things I give two hoots about in this world:  family, oats, and diyabeetus.  Not necessarily in that order.  So when I tell you something, you can believe it.  Why?  Whiskbroom mustache. That’s why. It’s forthright earnestness in hair form.

So let’s cut the barley buck and get down to brass horse tacks, ladies and gents. Maryland plays #20 Clemson this week. Second in the ACC in scoring offense. Led by quarterback Cullen Harper, tailback C.J. Spiller, and future NFL receiver Aaron Kelly. It’s a tall order for your Terps, boys and girls.  Because you see, the Terps have a pretty poor secondary.  Five defensive backs on the injury list. They’ve got Kevin Barnes and then who?  I ask you. Kevin Barnes and then who?  Maryland ranks 109th nationally in passing yards allowed. Eastern Michigan got 282 against them, and for one of those quarters, it was me quarterbackin’ out there.  Wouldn’t you know?  I’m a regular Jay Cutler.  Sure, the linebackers could help cover the receivers, but then who stops the run or pressures the QB?  The linemen? Don’t make me chortle through the whiskbroom, son.

But now let me tell you another story.  The story of Maryland.  Second in the ACC in rushing.  Remember a young fella, name of Da’rel Scott, ACC’s top running back?  Well, he’s probable to play this week.  Clemson gives up 113.5 rush yards a game. Now, I’m a simple man, but it doesn’t take an arithmetician to see that this discrepancy, plus some fearless play calls, plus the fact that Clemson seems to be trying a little too hard not to overlook you, perhaps equals a little advantage for the Terps down there in Death Valley.

Now, make no mistake. Death Valley is tough. Tougher than my old Aunt Sally. And if you knew that woman the way I did, you’d know what kinda toughness I’m talkin’ about. That kind of toughness wakes you up in a cold sweat, leathery hand on your gullet, shotgun leveled between your eyes, demanding you tell it where you hid the laudanum. You’re nigh on to nine corn crops old, gropin’ around for your little glasses and your little diyabeetus medications.  I can still feel the warm urine as it soaks my long johns.  What a vivid flashback I’m having right now.  I can even smell it.

But you know something? Come in a little bit closer. I think the Terps are gonna pull off the upset. Just this morning I was bouncing my little granddaughter in my lap, and as I did so, my knee dislocated in the way it does only when a change is comin’ on the wind.  Maryland’s on a bit of a roll, and Clemson is banged up and hasn’t beaten anyone good yet.  I’ve got a feeling here.  Call it a gut feeling. And when Wilford Brimley feels something in his gut, he sticks with it.  Got that?  Off you go then.

Prediction: Maryland 27, Clemson 24


Kevin Barnes’ll make you famous. And by “famous,” I mean “vomit”

Looks like Kevin Barnes’ big, stomach-emptying hit on Cal running back Jahvid Best is making him an Internet sensation. Apparently it’s getting tens of thousands of Youtube hits. Check it out (or wait until well after lunch, and then check it out):


Yeah! Terps upend the Bears

I’ll start with the obvious: HUGE win for the Terps today, 35-27 over #23 Cal. Soon enough, the IFs and BUTs will come…it’s only big IF it leads to real momentum…it’s big BUT they could easily backslide. BUT for now, if only for a little while, the players and coaching staff have earned some unadulterated praise.

Lots to be proud of today if you’re a Terp fan…the Byrd Stadium crowd was rocking, the team came out fired up, and the coaches had a terrific game plan. Cal had one of those classic West Coast D-lines full of huge, long-haired Polynesian guys, and the Terps found ways to get their offensive skill players around them and into space where they could make plays. Turner was rock solid today, and was kept within himself, if that makes sense. I noticed that if he messed up on a play, they came right back to the same thing or something similar. That was good. And his picture-perfect TD strike to Darrius Heyward-Bey in the third quarter was the offensive play of the game. DHB, Da’rel Scott, and Davin Meggett (87yds/2TD and 82yds/1TD, respectively) all had great games, anchored by Turner’s welcome steadiness, some workmanlike tight end play, and an O-line that at times was straight dominant. Where were the guys who gassed last week in Tennessee? Not that I miss them.

The defense played great, too. They applied steady pressure and did an excellent job containing Jahvid Best — who would have thought he’d be the third-best running back on the field today? Play of the game overall was Kevin Barnes almost knocking Best’s head off (and sending him to the sidelines for a while). Check it out:

(By the way, I think that wide-screen pass play is one of the worst offensive calls in football. It’s never successful, and it makes the receiver a sitting duck.)

As always, of course, there are reasons to temper the enthusiasm. There was a lot of talk and then some about Cal being jet lagged and unaccustomed to the mid-Atlantic humidity. But I think both concerns were validated. Cal came out flat, plain and simple. And the Terps’ kicker, Egekeze, is probably toast. He’s 0-5 on field goals over three games. They can’t stay with him.

But overall, the Terps looked great. Their stars stepped up, they executed consistently, they made plays, and they withstood a late Cal run with (reasonable) poise. In a way, this win makes the Middle Tennessee game all the more frustrating. If we had brought the same focus to Murfreesboro, it would be a different narrative right now…but everyone knows that. It’s a broken record lately with Maryland. It remains to be seen which of these two games will be more representative of the season.

Looking ahead, who knows what can happen this year in the ACC? It’s anybody’s conference and that’s the truth. I’m not saying Maryland is now a top ACC contender, but who would have thought a week ago that the Nov. 15 tilt between Maryland and North Carolina might have BCS implications? There’s A LOT that can happen between now and then, of course. But for just the “now” part, we’re looking pretty good. No IFs, ANDs, or BUTs about it.


on the half shell: maryland vs delaware

YES!  What a win.  Maryland is 1-0 baby!  What a great start to the 2008 season.

What you saw today was Maryland role players performing their roles.  Da’Rel Scott rolled off 26 carries for 197 yards and looked virtually unstoppable out there.  Steffy, the “game manager”, kept the offense steady, going 10/18.  He did throw a couple picks, but did not have any game changing turnovers.  Darrius Heyward-Bey continued to live-up to the pro hype with 90 total yards and a touchdown, including a sweet 36-yard reception.  My boy Davin Meggett started his Terrapin career off with a solid effort that included a score.  All-around it was a solid offensive showing, especially considering this was basically a preseason game.

The defense was stout, holding a quality Delaware team to 249 total yards, and shutting them out until the fourth quarter.  Defensive back Kevin Barnes started the year off right with an interception.  The Terps kept the Blue Hens on their side of the field for most of the game and dominated at the line.

Delaware might be D-II, but as we heard repeatedly throughout the broadcast they are one of the powerhouse D-II  programs.  Delaware has played the Terps evenly throughout the history of this border state rivalry.  They are no joke, and this Terrapin team took the task seriously to produce a win.

The Terps are undefeated.  At this point, all signs point toward a winning season.  GO TERPS!


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