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Shell Games wins Mobbie Award for Best Terps Blog!


YEAH BABY!  We did it!   Thanks to your votes, the Cinderella slipper fits, and Shell Games has won the Baltimore Sun’s Mobbie Award for best blog in the Terps category.  We also finished seventh overall.

A thousand sincere thank-yous to everyone who voted, be it once or be it every day.   Special thanks to those who put up with our regular e-mail and Facebook reminders. 

Also, much respect to our fellow Terps bloggers, especially Testudo Times (which won for best general sports blog), Turtle Soup, Terp Talk, and Maryland Basketball: Where Are They Now? (Michaelangelo:  Thanks for the bulletin board material heheh.)  I guess we’re technically “competitors,” but at the end of the day we’re all in the same gang.  Blogging can be hard work, and people don’t exactly do it for the fame and fortune.  We here at Shell Games do it because we love the Terps, and love making smart-ass comments about the Terps.  That is our mission.  Some might call it a calling.

In all honesty, Shell Games may not get hundreds of comments per post, and we may not be familiar with the long snapper class of 2019, but we’ve got our own thing going on here, and I think we do it pretty well.  Hopefully, those who found us over these past couple weeks will stick with us.  Thanks again to everyone who voted.  We’ll be at the awards reception tonight in Baltimore…paparazzi must keep at least 15 feet away.  You’ve been warned, you filthy parasites!


That girl from “I Love You Man” has sisters on the lacrosse team

Maybe.  But before I get to that…the lesser-known Maryland sports just keep on rolling. The latest trophy for the case comes from your 2009 ACC Champion women’s lacrosse team. Only one more regular season game (Saturday vs. Princeton) for the undefeated, #2 Terps before Selection Sunday May 3, which I assume airs on CBS.

A few quick observations:

  • Freshman phenom goalie Brittany Dipper has a porn star name.  Just calling it as I see it.  Miss Dipper, you’ll always be welcome in “the industry,” as we like to call it here in the industry.
  • What’s up with all these Maryland towns named after larger, more famous places? ACC MVP Caitlyn McFadden hails from Phoenix, Md. Amanda Spinnenweber, who does NOT have a porn star name, is from Pasadena, Md.  Grace “I can’t believe I’m not Asian” Gaeng is from Bel Air, Md. There is also a California, Md. and a Hollywood, Md.  I’m telling you right now — there is no Maryland, California.
  • Lady Terps Brittany and Brandi Jones are sisters.  But more interestingly, both bear a strong resemblance to actress Rashida Jones, who is perhaps best known for playing Jim’s other girlfriend on The Office a while back or the fiance in “I Love You, Man,” which was a really good movie by the way.   Same last name…all from California…

Judge for yourself:







See? Freakin uncanny right?  Now this is the kind of hard-hitting news I like to provide. You are so welcome. Goterps.



With no regular player over 6′ 7″, the Maryland Terrapins beat Wake Forest 75-64 tonight to all but assure themselves a spot in the NCAA tournament.

That was a fun sentence to type.  THEY DID IT!  MARYLAND’S GOING TO THE DANCE BABYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had my doubts, but they got it done.  It was a solid 40-minute effort and they didn’t fold under pressure.  Vasquez that crazy guy I love to hate, he came through.  As did Sean freaking Mosely (his block to force that Wake shot clock violation in the early second half was my play of the game), Big Dave Neal, Dino Gregory, Eric Hayes, everybody.  And how about that zone?  They shut down Teague and frustrated the bigs.  Great win.  Great win.  THEY’RE GOING DANCING!!!!!!

I think I’ll let the pictures take over now.  I’M GOING STREAKIIINNNNG!!!!!!!!!!!








Lady Terps win ACC Tourney, Men hopefully taking some kind of notes


HUGE congratulations to the Maryland female hoop squad, who won the program’s first ACC tournament in 20 years last night with a monstrous overtime win against Duke.

No one can say they got a weak draw, either. They beat Duke and Carolina along the way, plus a squeaker over Wake. As usual, the team was led by ACC Player of the Year Kristi “I am the Female Juan Dixon” Tolliver (24 points and overcoming an illness to play) and ACC Tournament MVP and overall attractive woman Marissa Coleman (28 points, 15 rebounds). This almost certainly locks up a #1 seed for them in the Big Dance. Other than UConn — which seems like an unstoppable juggernaut this year — I don’t see anyone playing better ball right now than Maryland.

If only the same thing could be said for the guys, who finished seventh in the ACC regular season standings. After yet another choke in a game they had to win, Maryland is yet again hoping for some kind of crazy ACC tournament run that they haven’t given anyone any reason to hope is a realistic possibility. But I’m a fan, so hope I do. If I have a rant in me somewhere, I’ll wait until after I watch another Selection Sunday go by with no mention of my beloved Terrapins.

In the meantime, I just took a look at their tournament draw and it’s actually pretty decent. According to the latest bracketology (Bracketologist comment on the Viriginia loss: “Who didn’t see [it] coming from a mile away? Over the past few seasons, these are the kind of games the Terrapins have been unable to win.” But I digress.), Maryland needs at least two more wins for a decent shot at an at-large bid. They’ve got N.C. State in the first round (Thursday, 7 p.m., Raycom) — much better than Virginia, Ga. Tech or Miami. If you’ll follow me into Theoretical Town for just a moment, you will see that a victory there gets them to Wake in the second round, who they played pretty close just a few days ago. A possible Duke semifinal showdown is too crazy to consider at this point. Let’s see if we can pull it together for N.C. State — who was no pushover — and go from there.

My prediction: beat N.C. State, lose a close one to Wake, NIT here we come. Hope they prove me wrong. In the meantime, congrats again to Brenda Frese and her team this season, who continue to beat every team that gets put in front of them. Go (lady) Terps!


(Photo credits: Top: Chuck Burton, Associated Press; Bottom: Greg Fiume)


I’ll hold off on the partying and the unborn chicken counting, thank you very much


Good gravy!  What’s all the commotion in here?  Turn on those lights!   Hey!  You in the corner!   Put your pants back on!    One big win and suddenly Terps fans are a bunch of extras from Superbad?  Well, not in this blog post.  I know I’m a pessimistic pain in the ass and all.  But I’m a good pessimistic pain in the ass.  Because the team still has A LOT of work to do.  So I’m here to dunk some heads in the horse troughs.  Sober up out there!  It’s Monday, for god’s sake.

So yeah, Maryland beat the #3 UNC Tar Heels.  Great win.  Huge win.  An important resume win.  The gold unis are truly a power to behold. Credit where it’s due:  Vasquez was incredible.  He deserves all the accolades.  As do Gary Williams, Cliff “He should have benched me earlier” Tucker, and everyone else. It was a great team win and a  big step forward.

But whoa, Nelly. Hold the phone there. The feeling now seems to be that we’re basically in the tournament. It’s true that we’re on the bubble, but for now, that’s it.  No one should even be uttering the word “tournament” at this stage.  Nothing should be taken for granted.  But as a fan base we love to do this.  One big win and omgthatwassoamazingBIGGESTWINEVERwe’retotallygonnamakeitomg.  Should I remind you that they beat #1 Carolina last year and still didn’t make it because they fell apart down the stretch?  Or that in 2004-2005 they swept Duke and still found a way to miss the dance? For this season’s finale, the line of logic seems to be that the Terps “only” have to beat either Duke or Wake, then have the manager throw their jerseys on the floor in Raleigh and Charlottesville and they’re in with a 20-10, 9-7 record.  Or, they could win two of their last four and get one or two in the ACC tourney. Oh, the ACC tourney, no prob!  Because they’ve been so dominant in that venue.  We’ve gotta learn from the past.  NC State and Virginia now have “Trap Game” written all over them.

Bottom line: they’ve proven they are capable of making the tournament, and in general, just playing good basketball. But I’ve been on this roller coaster ride a few times before. The same emotions that get them up for Duke and Carolina also get them down for the Miamis and the Morgan States and the games they’re “supposed” to win. We have to find consistency, or else come Selection Sunday, when Jay Bilas mentions the Carolina win it’s gonna be followed by a big BUT. So come on. No more fruity business. Finish strong this year and close the damn deal. Then, and only then, would I celebrate. Huzzah Terrapins.


maryland beats unc; college park in flames

The Maryland Terrapins shocked UNC 88-85 in overtime today.  Shell Games is live in College Park, MD, where fans have spilled onto the streets.

Frat Row is in flames as Maryland students celebrate

Frat Row is in flames as Maryland students celebrate

The scene here is chaotic.  Maryland students stormed the court, busted windows in the Comcast Center, and took to the streets setting late model American cars ablaze across this college town.

Police and firefighters can only watch as Maryland fans celebrate in their own unique way

Police and firefighters can only watch as Maryland fans celebrate in their own unique way

Testudo has called a press conference in front of the White House to call for an end to the madness.

Testudo pleas for student unity, hugs a booster

Testudo pleas for student unity, hugs a booster

Damage at the corner of Rte. 1 and Knox Rd is so severe it can only be described as a midieval scene.

The Cornerstone has been reduced to rubble and historic campus buildings have been changed forever

The Cornerstone has been reduced to rubble and historic campus buildings have been changed forever

This blogger is in disbelief.  I cannot describe my emotions at a moment like this.  I can only think to say…



Lady Terps show the men how you do it

At least one Maryland team is playing well. Yesterday, the no. 12 women’s hoops team upended no. 2 North Carolina, 77-71. Big ups to the lady Terps…after a slightly rocky start, the team finds itself in a pretty good spot…they’re 4-1 in ACC play and could crack the top 10 soon.

The ladies seem to have a lot of pieces that the men very blatantly lack. Strong floor leadership in Marissa Coleman and Kristi Toliver.  They’re calm in the clutch.  And they get awesome post play from Coleman, Demauria Liles, and Lynetta Kizer, who combined for 44 points and 34 rebounds in this game. How much money would you pay to see the men’s frontcourt put up a line like that?

Pinky and the pinks couldn't get over Lynetta Kizer and co.

Pinky and the pinks couldn't get over Lynetta Kizer and co.

The game also included a tribute to N.C. State women’s coach Kay Yow, sister of Maryland athletic director Debbie Yow. This is the second campus icon that N.C. State has lost to cancer. Here’s hoping Kay Yow’s legacy lives on in as strong and beneficial a way as Jimmy V’s has.

All in all, great day for the ladies. It’s nice to have something positive to root for in College Park right now. One thing I’m most decidedly NOT rooting for is a return of those hideous pink Carolina unis. Hey, Carolina. I know it’s meant to be a tribute, but tributes should never be unsightly. Your unis are so distinctive that their color is actually named for them. And it’s not Carolina Pink. Think, McFly. Think.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Gail Burton


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