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Middle Tennessee Freaking State Freaking Owns Freaking Maryland

Look at this photo.  Look at it!

Look at this photo. Look at it!

They beat us in their house last year. Now they’ve beaten us in our house this year. All this talk about revenge game, and this and that, and this is what happens. Another year, another group of Blue Raiders jubilant at Maryland’s expense. Gah. I’m gagging. Need air. I need to breathe!

Okay. Get a hold of yourself, man. Whew. So I should probably mention that I didn’t actually watch the game, mainly because it will be a cold wet day in Hades before I cough up any money to the Evil Sports Programming Network for They could put the Super Bowl on there and I still wouldn’t pony up. Fuck them. That’s right. Fuck you, ESPN. Fuck And fuck this fucked up ACC TV deal. You want my wallet, you pry it out of my dead hand.

Whoa. Okay. Breathe. I’m a little angry. The morning after and I’m still upset. I may be misdirecting a bit but I’m still salty with ESPN for doing this. Anyway, a bunch of us were getting updates from a friend via cellphone, and it looked like we had it in the bag. That is, until Middle Tennessee State drove the length of Byrd Stadium in the final moments to kick a game-winning field goal. Read that sentence again. Guess what the key play was on the drive. Cameron Chism — Nolan Carroll’s replacement — was burned for 35 yards. What was a team strength — secondary — is now a glaring weakness. Jamari McCulloch can’t come back fast enough.

Other problems: Poor tackling. Missed field goals. Turnovers, including one by backup QB Jamarr Robinson, who played a whopping three snaps but somehow managed to lose a fumble. Again, the lines were porous. And in general, the offense and defense don’t seem to be, what’s the word, functioning.

Bright spots: 287 all-purpose yards from Torrey Smith. To be fair, Chism had two interceptions. Chris Turner had 288, 2 TDs, 1 INT, although he was sacked four times. Travis Baltz had a 40.6 punting average. Rock solid!

Bottom line: Two consecutive losses to Middle Tennessee State = unacceptable. Period. Ralph Friedgen has a lot of work to do. Everyone says his job is safe because the assumption is he’s going to fulfill his contract (this season then two more) and then fade into the sunset. Fine. But right now, there’s a playing-out-the-string feel to all of this that can’t continue. Fridge seemed angry after the game. Good. I think the team can round into form during the ACC season, but it’s not gonna happen automatically. Get to work, guys. This is humiliating.

(Photo credit: AP photo/Murfreesboro Daily News Journal)


A Maryland-MTSU preview from President Barack Obama

obama-superman Good afternoon. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. You know, just yesterday I had a chance to visit with a few folks out at the Comcast Center.  Doin’ a great job over there. And while I’m here in Terp country, I wanted to talk for a moment about the true cornerstone of my presidency: sports predictions. So.  Let me take this opportunity — to — share some thoughts — on tomorrow’s — game.

Look.  You may recall that Middle Tennessee State upset the Terps last year in Murfreesboro — a city in which — I imagine — I am not welcome.

But I don’t wish to discuss the divisive politics of the past.  I wish to discuss Dwight Dasher, the MTSU quarterback — who does it all.  Literally.  He accounts for 80 percent of the offense and more than half of their all-purpose yards. Philip Tanner, their running back, is out for this game.  But no matter.  Because Dasher leads the team in rushing yards with 193, along with 435 passing yards. I’m sure that if Dasher could throw the football — to himself — he would also — lead the team — in — receiving.

Now.  Make no mistake. Maryland is experiencing some adversity.  Instead of left tackle Bruce Campbell, who is a mountain of a man, we have Paul Pinegar, whose last name — rhymes — with “vinegar.”  Instead of safety Jamari McCulloch, we have Eric Franklin. Instead of cornerback Nolan Carroll, who is — the team’s — fourth-leading tackler — we have Cameron Chism.  At least Nolan will be tossing the coin to start the game. In a similarly empty gesture of conciliation, I have asked my staff to consider Nolan as the nation’s first Czar of Tibular Health. He will be the first person to ever hold this office. No one — no one –will ever be able to take that away from him.

Look. It is all going to come down, once again, to the lines for this Maryland team. No one in this country should ever have to be embarrassed on television just because they cannot hold a block or wrap up a running back. And if they don’t come together as one, I fear that the Terps — could be ripe — for another — embarrassing — day.  But in the end, MTSU will be susceptible to the Terps’ attack. Under Chris Turner’s leadership, these Terps have always risen — off the mat — in times of need.

So. With all due respect to the Blue Raiders, I will select the Terrapins for the victory today. And this is despite my trepidation. I would not be the first president to witness a Middle Tennessee State victory over the Terps, but with any luck — I will be the last. Thank you. God bless you. And may God bless the Terrapins of the University of Maryland.

Prediction: Maryland 24, MTSU 16


loud noises, boogie man scare young maryland football players

I'm telling you, he's real, and he plays for MTSU.

I'm telling you, he's real, and he plays for MTSU.

I’ve heard of players and coaches complaining of crowd noise being a factor in a dome, or  in a huge stadium like The Big House.  I’ve never heard of it being an issue in a mid-sized, open air stadium.  I guess there’s a first time for everything.

Eric Prisbell ran a story in today’s Post that the Terps were distracted by the JMU band playing while they were on offense this Saturday.  The players also complained that the Cal crowd was noisy while they were on offense two weeks ago.  I can understand.  I was at the JMU game, and the noise was DEAFENING.  I mean, I couldn’t even hear the JMU linebackers as they whizzed past our offensive linemen.  Everyone knows that Berkeley is an intimidating atmosphere – maybe the most intimidating statdium the Terps will play in this year. Campbell Stadium at Florida State might be a little louder, but you could tell on TV that Memorial Stadium must have been a scary place.  It’s pretty far from home, too.

I say it’s a valid excuse for poor performance.  Another good excuse is that the team is young.  Maryland is probably the only team in football dealing with having to start bunch of underclassmen, so you got to give them the benefit of the doubt there.  Oh oh, and there have been key injuries.  That’s another good excuse.  This team is so young, green, and injured, they should probably have their mothers on the sidelines to protect them.

Maryland, you better play good this weekend.  I’ve heard that Middle Tennesse State has the Boogie Man in their backfield.  Better watch out, ’cause he’s coming to get you!


friedgen offers satisfying explanation regarding loss to middle tennessee state

Murfreesboro - an intimidating college football town.

Murfreesboro - an intimidating college football town.

Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen offered this insight into the 24-14 loss to Middle Tennessee State yesterday: “We didn’t do a good job coaching, playing.”

Terrapin fans everywhere can be satisfied with that explanation.  I mean this one had “trap game” written all over it.  The Terps headed into the belly of the beast, otherwise known as Murfreesboro, TN, to play a Blue Raiders team that was smarting from last week’s loss to Troy.  You can imagine the blood thirst that greeted the Terps as they gazed out of the team bus windows on imposing downtown Murfreesboro.   The entire town tingled with electricity as game time approached.  Playing in this kind of atmosphere can be intimidating to any program, let alone an ACC coming to play a team that became a D-I affiliate in 1999 when they joined the powerhouse Sun Belt Conference.

Ralph said that he tried to warn his team about this game.  I think we should all accept Ralph Friedgen’s simple explanation regarding a loss like this.  He’s right, the coaches didn’t do a good job, the players didn’t do a good job, and if you ask me, the fans didn’t do a good job, either. I mean, we overlooked Middle Tennessee State, so why shouldn’t the team?  So let’s not press Ralph for too many answers regarding the team’s worst loss in a decade.  There are more important questions about this program that have no answers, such as:

  • “What did or didn’t we do against Middle Tennessee State that can be corrected before we get embarrassed by Cal next week?”
  • “How does a team that lost to Middle Tennessee State expect to recruit the best ACC talent this off-season?”
  • “Has Ralph Friedgen lost control of this team?”

Let’s hope that Friedgen won’t waste too much time worrying about handing Middle Tennessee State the biggest win in their history.  Instead he should focus his energy on finding answers to these more important questions.  Otherwise, Maryland Football might soon resemble that image which we projected on the Blue Raiders:

The 2009 Maryland Cupcakes!


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