Know Your Benchwarmers: David Pearman

(Oh, hello. I didn’t see you come in. Welcome back. This is the second in a series designed to get you acquainted with your 2009-2010 Maryland Terrapin ballers. I’m starting with the reserves so that you, the reader, can make an informed decision on who to root for in garbage time. Read the first installment here.)


Ahhhh, David Pearman. This guy has a little bit of a cult following. Personally, I think Pearman is my favorite Terp benchwarmer since Earl Badu, or even Big Dave Neal (oh, wait, he was a starter).

I wonder: what’s the attraction? Part of it could be that he looks like he should be handing me a vegan breakfast sandwich. Part of it could be that he looks like he should be handing me a bong. Either way, this 6’6″ junior has plenty of fans.  I assume.

First of all, Pearman hails from the mean streets of Columbia, Md. And I do mean mean. Ever been down Red Bandana Way? Ever stumbled into Hobbit’s Glen? Ever been called to settle beef down at the People Tree? I thought so. 

Well, somehow Pearman survived, and he’s now playing at Maryland. He’s a combo guard/forward mainly known for his tenacious defense. He’s quick and rangy for 6’6″ so can guard a bunch of different kinds of positions and players — which is probably one of the main things that makes him so useful in practice. Offense, however, is a different story. In 1.5 minutes per game over the past two seasons, Pearman is averaging a crisp 100 percent shooting percentage — 0.0 points on 0.0 attempts. Sweet.

Now on the personal side.  He’s long dreamed of playing for Maryland (even over Elon?). His roommate is Eric Hayes. He’s a letters and sciences major. And, uh, that’s about all I got.  Finding information on these benchwarmers is not easy. Check out Pearman’s Scout.com profile. Capitvating!

Maryland Media Day Basketball

David Pearman's the one on the right.

Anyway, please enjoy this grainy footage of Pearman tearing up a bunch of inferior high school competition. You gotta love high school basketball audiences…anytime anyone dunks or hits a three, it’s like the Final Four, Christmas, and Armageddon all wrapped into one. “Someone just up a shot…WAIT…I THINK IT’S GOING IN!…IT DID!!!!….IT WENT IN!…WWWUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!…I CAN’T HANDLE THIS…WHY AM I EATING MY OWN ARRRRRMMMMM?!?!?!”

(Photo credits: UMTerps.com, Baltimore Sun)

3 Responses to “Know Your Benchwarmers: David Pearman”

  1. 1 Lindsey
    November 2, 2009 at 12:45 pm

    I think we should call him “Pear Tree” from now on. Because he’s, you know, tall. Like a pear tree. Or at least what I imagine a pear tree to be, having never actually seen one before.

  2. November 2, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    He could also be The Partridge. That has a scary ring…”now coming in for Landon Milbourne, David ‘The Paarrrrtriiiiiiidge’ Peeeeeeeearmaaaaannnn!” That would get Comcast rockin.

  3. July 18, 2013 at 4:47 pm

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