I accept the fact that the football team stinks

After a long action- (but not so much sports) packed weekend, I finally got a chance to watch a DVR’d replay of the Terps game from Comcast SportsNet.  This was another one on ESPN360, which as I’ve said before, will not be receiving a subscription from me regardless of my Internet carrier. 

I’m not gonna go over the game in detail, because it happened a while ago and you know what happened.   The defense gave up 516 yards and 42 points, and their susceptibility to big plays reared up again.   You know how teams like to go to the run to set up the play-action pass for later in the game?  That’s what Wake did to Maryland, only they set up the pass for the rest of their season.  Oh, and the Terps lost Demetrius Hartsfield for at least three weeks.  The offense was equally dismal before some meaningless (and shameless) stat-padding in garbage time.

As of this post, I am officially accepting that this football team is not going to be good this year.  Sure, they might beat Virginia next week, but the default is still stuck in suck.   Everyone wants to say “hey, the division is still wide open!!!” after any win, and so forth, but it’s not wide open.  At least it’s not open to the Terps.   They have UVA at home, they’re at Duke and N.C. State, then home for Va. Tech, at Florida State, and end at home against B.C.  They’re 2-4 right now.  What’s the best-case scenario?  5-6?  6-5?  Blech.  That’s not even EagleBank Bowl territory. It’s just a matter of seeing whether our final record is enough to make the deciders buy out Ralph Friedgen. That’s the real drama for the rest of the season.


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