I like volleyball

Katie Usher:  Killin it

Katie Usher: Killin it

So the Maryland women’s volleyball team has just cranked up their season.  So far they’re 4-3.   This weekend they play in the Georgetown Classic in D.C., with Hampton as their first opponent. 

They haven’t been so great in past years. Last year they finished, uh, 6-26 under first-year head coach Tim Horsmon. I’m no volleyball expert, but is that a bad record? It’s bad? It is? Okay, sweet.

Katie Usher, doing what she does

Katie Usher, doing what she does

But I’ve a good feeling about this team. Yes I do. Senior leader Katie Usher is a big part of that. She’s doing it right so far this year. Also, don’t forget sophomore phenom Lisa Scott and freshman standout Kara Bates. They have an alluring coaching staff, including associate head coach Tami Ores.

Hi, Tami

Hi, Tami

They also seem to be on the forefront of this social media trend we hear so much about.  For example, they have a Facebook page. Last year they had a Volleyblog, which I actually really liked, but that doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

Madi Lee:  Crushing

Madi Lee: Crushing

So here’s hoping they can get it done this year. They seem like a great group. Spectacular, even. Lots to be said for just doin it for the love. This group — toiling in the trenches of the ACC, working up a sweat — is the essence of that. Goterps.


2 Responses to “I like volleyball”

  1. September 10, 2009 at 12:44 pm

    The volleyblog is gone! The Terps didn’t setup a field hockey blog this season either. OMG, WTF, this is such a blower.

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