Even Travis Baltz got outplayed

Aw, man! Geez. As if getting crapped on 52-13 wasn’t enough, the jewel of our special teams entire roster was handed his hat in a mano-a-mano punt-off. That’s right. The mighty Travis was beat out.

I know what you’re thinking. Something like that, well, it’s just hard to believe. Hard to accept. But the numbers, I’m afraid, do not lie. Better take a seat. I’ll wait. In fact, pour yourself a drink while you’re at it. I know it’s 10:18 in the morning, but a steady nerve is paramount at times like these. We do what we must to steel ourselves. TRAVIS BALTZ HAS BEEN BESTED, WOMAN! DON’T YOU SEE WHAT THAT MEANS?!?!? Now bring me the snifter.

Ah, that’s the stuff. It’s very stiff. Very burny. Now I have the courage I need to explore the stats. For Baltz, the punting average was 38.8. For Cal Punter Bryan Anger, himself a Ray Guy Award watch lister, it was 44.8. For Anger, three punts landing within the 20 yard line. For Baltz? Zero. Never mind that the Terps were rarely close enough to the red zone for Travis to have that opportunity. Never mind that! I know if Travis were here, he wouldn’t make those kinds of excuses. Neither will I.

I’ll be honest, man. I don’t know where we go from here. I just…don’t know. Maybe Travis just needs a little time. He’ll be back to fight again. If I know Travis, which I don’t, then I know that.


1 Response to “Even Travis Baltz got outplayed”

  1. September 6, 2009 at 11:48 am

    It was the perfect storm. Cal somehow found a way to neutralize our secret weapon, and counter with one of their own. The Terps need to figure out a way to build a new weapon. They should flank Baltz with the three place kickers, each of whom will launch an attack and give Baltz more time to load up his cannon foot. That’s it, that’s how the Terps get their edge!

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