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Terrapins Rising recap: Episode 8

Meh. That sums it up.

But I guess I have to type more words. Fine, so it was just a recap of the previous shows. The previous episode — which had its own problems — got me a lot more pumped for the season than this one did, which is strange, considering that this was the season finale, and the first game is this weekend.

Want to know what else was strange? It didn’t really focus on any of the team’s marquis players. The main focus, bafflingly, was sophomore Jamarr Robinson, and the Quixotic battle he waged — against himself — to win the backup QB slot. Here’s where a little Photoshop jiu-jitsu would come in handy…a photo of Jamarr Robinson, tilting at windmills, Sancho Panza by his side? Mwah. That’s some artsy shit right there.

But anyway, since the team’s other two quarterback options C.J. Brown and Danny O’Brien are still too busy learning how to shave, there wasn’t a whole lot of drama here. Unless, of course, you were a producer of “Terrapins Rising,” in which case Jamarr Robinson’s brave battle was like Rudy, Brian’s Song, and Who Shot J.R. all rolled into one. And at no point in the show did anyone ever say, “Hey, Jamarr’s our backup.” No one implied it. No one sarcastically referenced it. Thanks for the closure, guys. (For the record, Robinson is indeed the backup, and could see game action this year regardless of Chris Turner’s status. But yeah, thanks for helping me to not learn that on the show, guys. I guess we’ll have to “tune in to the games to find out,” won’t we. I see what you did there. Sweet.

Anyway, another fine season of Terrapins Rising. Its end is just another signal that the real stuff’s about to begin.


Dan Gronkowski impressive with the Lions


As a seventh-round draft pick, Dan Gronkowski‘s chances of making a 53-man NFL roster seemed pretty remote–even if that roster belongs to your 0-16 Dee-troit Lions. And especially since the Lions drafted another tight end in the first round. But so far, it’s all coming up Milhouse for Gronkowski. The first-rounder, Brandon Pettigrew, got injured in camp, which opened the door for Dan the Man. And he’s capitalizing. In last week’s preseason win over the Colts, he caught the game-winning touchdown. And apparently, he’s been generally impressive among the Lions rookies — he’s shown he can catch a football, but needs to improve his blocking to really make a great case. He’s got one more shot to do it — tomorrow night in the team’s preseason finale. Go Dan.

(Photo credit: WIVB)


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