terps rank #54 in first coaches’ poll and i’m all like “why the disrespect?”

I get it.  Maryland is not a football school.  At least that’s what we hear every preseason.  The first USA Today Coaches’ Poll is out, and Maryland is ranked #54.  In NCAA football, starting out the season at #54 means there is a 0% chance the Terps will make a BCS game.  My expectations for this season were never that high to begin with.

What I don’t get is how, according to the coaches, the Terps could be the #10 team in the ACC.  In 2008, we beat four of the nine teams ranked ahead of us in conference.  We also beat Cal, who is ranked #12 in this poll and is on the schedule again this year, and we played BC down to the wire in Boston on November 21st.

I know Maryland has a tendency to have bad losses and to play down to the level of our competition.  Somehow, I don’t see JMU and Middle Tennessee State sneaking up on us this year.  On the whole, the Terps were slightly better than mediocre last season, but I don’t think we’ve had a huge drop-off in talent.  This is the first season in as long as I can remember where Maryland has a starting QB without any question, and he’s going to have an entire off-season to practice with the first team.

Maryland will have one of the toughest schedules in the country.  The Terps play five Top 25 teams including VT (7), California (12), GT (15), Florida State (19), UNC (20).  Rutgers could be ranked by the time we play them at home in late September.  The Terps were in contention late in the 2008 season to make the ACC Championship Game, and if they achieve that feat this year it likely means that an additional ranked team would be on the schedule, bringing the potential total as high as seven ranked opponents in thirteen games.

What I’m saying is this poll is garbage.  You can’t tell me that Clemson, NC State, Wake Forest, and BC are that much better than us.  I’m putting every NCAA coach on notice.  Thanks for the disrespect, fools.  The Terps play their best with a chip on our shoulder.


2 Responses to “terps rank #54 in first coaches’ poll and i’m all like “why the disrespect?””

  1. August 7, 2009 at 11:17 am

    I was with you up to the “drop off in talent” point. We lost like 10 starters and basically the whole O-line, not to mention Heyward-Bey. I think we’re better than the fifty-fourth-best team in the country, but given the huge player loss we’re probably not gonna get the benefit of the doubt.

  2. August 7, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Are you disrespecting me? It’ll only cause me to write better, and come back stronger with no let down. You’ll see, I’ll be on top of the blogosphere by the end of this season. Yes, Maryland lost a lot of starters. And yes, one of them was the best player on the team. And yes, Maryland is still only slightly better than mediocre.

    Wait, where was I going with this? Oh, that’s right, I still believe we’re better than 54. We’ll be in the middle of the pack in conference. That means we should still be in the mid-30’s.

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