One more ride on the Vaz-Tastic Voyage

So if you haven’t heard, Greivis Vasquez is coming back to the CP for his senior season. This is what I figured would happen. Vasquez can act a little bit insane in the old membrane from time to time, but with a focused and motivated Vasquez back for one last ride along with Hayes and Milbourne (and with potential superdy-duper head case Lance Stephenson apparently no longer a target for the Terps), this could be the most stable and consistent Maryland team in quite some time. They could be a contender in a diluted ACC next year.

Of course, that all comes with a big if. And here it is. Brace yourself…it will probably all come down to the bigs. And not to destroy your whole world or anything, but the sky is also blue, and the sun also rises in the east. Don’t shoot the messenger, man. Just let the reality sink in. With the craptacular Braxton Dupree fleeing for the girls’ school up the road, and Steve Goins and Jerome Burney underwhelming thus far, two freshmen could be expected to carry the load down low.

But these problems, they are for another day. Who wants another round of offseason cockeyed optimism?!?!? FINAL FOUR, BABY! Let’s do another one to Vasquez!


1 Response to “One more ride on the Vaz-Tastic Voyage”

  1. June 16, 2009 at 11:06 am

    YES! Vasquez was our leader in points, rebounds, and assists. Without him the team would seriously suck! I mean like sub-500, worst team in the ACC, long-term damage done to the program sucking. With him they can get back to the tournament. The big tournament! Oh happy day, oh happy happy day!

    Screw Lance Stephenson, his reality internet series (how weak is that?), and his unwanted advances. He’ll fit right in at Arizona with the rest of the kids who are only there for their freshman year. Are they even an accredited school?

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