Let me be the last to make a Bill Gramatica joke at Brian Phipps’ expense

So Brian Phipps went down with a torn ACL after jumping around protesting a call. That is…embarrassing. What other word can I use? It’s a freak accident, and I hope Brian is OK, but it was just embarrassing. And in a way, perhaps it was symbolic. As it turned out, it was the beginning of the end of the Maryland mens’ lacrosse season, as they would eventually fall to Syracuse 11-6.

The parallels with the hoops team continued…as in basketball, the lacrosse team followed up a first-round upset in the tournament with a loss to a number-two seed. I know…I’m freaked out too. Overall, both teams showed flashes throughout the season, and had a reasonable amount of success, but in the end, it wasn’t quite enough in either case to live up to all of the expectations that people have, rightly or not, for the two programs. In a nutshell, both teams underacheived for most of the season, then overacheived late, but not enough to make the deep run that many hoped for before the initial underacheivements. Or something like that.

However, the lacrosse team, with 12 seniors on board, were the bigger disappointment. They actually set a team record for losses in a season with seven. Here’s hoping they bounce back next year. Brian, take care of that knee. Hope you don’t end up enshrined in some Wacky Injuries blooper reel. No way you’re bumping Milton Bradley off that list.


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