Beat Hopkins already

This Saturday! Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! At Ravens Stadium in Baltimore, it’s LACROSSE JAM 2009. Sponsored by Rock Star energy drink. National Bohemian Beer. And Jostens, goooooo Jostens.

Unfortunately, the real name of the event is the Smartlink Day of Rivals. Great name, guys. That has a ring like a broken Rolodex. So I’m just gonna stick with LACROSSE JAM 2009. So what are they doing at LACROSSE JAM that justifies booking a freaking NFL stadium? Is there a car giveaway? Is it nuuude lacrosse? No, it’s not. Maryland’s playing Hopkins, that’s all. It’s only the biggest rivalry in the sport. (And yes, that does include the Denver Outlaws versus the Long Island Lizards.)

Truckasaurus gets "geared" up for LACROSSE JAM

Truckasaurus gets "geared" up for LACROSSE JAM

I feel like Hopkins wins this every year. And the Blue Jays have indeed won the last two. As The Diamondback points out, not only has Hopkins won the last two, but they’ve entered both years on a losing streak. This season is no different. Hopkins, currently ranked #9, is 4-4. But the Terps, ranked #13, have lost two straight going into Saturday. Both teams need a win, and they need a win now.

I hope it’s on TV. Hell, maybe I’d even watch it. If nothing else, it’s always interesting to see how many guys named Brian and Dave they can fit on the field. LACROSSE JAM!!!!!!!!! GOOOOOOOO TERPS.

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