The one time I watch a game

So I finally realize my very real Bucket List dream of watching a women’s basketball game from wire to wire, and this is what I get. The Maryland women’s season comes to a screeching and unceremonious halt against Louisville, 77-60. Toliver and Coleman combined to shoot 11-27, with a lot of the makes coming in garbage time. Whatever spark they had for most of the season just wasn’t there. And they were sloppy — even for women’s ball. And that’s saying something. That’s like saying someone was really drunk — even for the infield at the Preakness.

It was still an incredible run for Toliver, Coleman, and the rest of the team. They made the Elite Eight and finished 31-5. The two senior leaders won a championship their freshman year. And they wanted to bookend with another — or at least a return to the big game. No one would have faulted them if they lost to UConn and that insufferable prick Gino Auriemma. But to not reach the game was probably a bit disappointing, for the players, for Maryland fans, and for all those legions of women’s hoop fans. Maryland-UConn was THE game. And now we won’t get it.

Oh well. With Dee Liles and Lynnetta Kizer underneath (and, for this game, underused), the Lady Terps have a solid foundation to build on. Here’s hoping they come back strong next year. Best of luck to Kristi and the attractive Marissa Coleman, who I would like to meet in person, because she is attractive. Go Terps!


1 Response to “The one time I watch a game”

  1. April 1, 2009 at 8:48 am

    That’s it, you’re no longer allowed to watch womens’ basketball. You’re a jinx my friend. To demonstrate our solidarity, I will no longer watch womens’ basketball. Shell Games is just going to have to reduce our coverage in 2010. The blog might suffer, but that’s the kind of sacrifice I’m willing to make.

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