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Terps inch a little closer with N.C. State win

It’s been a crazy few days here in the D.C. area.  The Obama administration’s first budget, The Biggest Snow Storm in Years coming through (although it’s gonna end up only being like two inches, but whatever), plus the resignation of Nats GM Jim Bowden under some strange circumstances, and of course, let’s not forget the Redskins overpaying for Albert Haynesworth and winning yet another Paper Bowl, for which, last I checked, you receive no trophy.

Not to be outdone, Terpland was abuzz as well, as the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams both dispatched the Dookies, the lady hoopsters won an ACC title, and last but not least, the men beat N.C. State to keep their tournament hopes afloat.  Only two games left, and as usual it’s set up for a crazy end.  Can the Terps do it?  I want to believe, Scully.

This game embodied how people thought Maryland would be this season. They got totally worked on the blocks (Wolfpack center Tracy Smith was like Baby Shaq down there), but the Terps guards were able to compensate, turning N.C. State’s miserable ball handlers over 16 times while keeping their own mistakes to a minimum.

Vasquez led the way from wire to wire, scoring 33 on a combination of threes and pretty runners in the lane. Even more importantly, he did a great job of keeping Evil Greivis at bay — that is, until he swished a meaningless three at the buzzer just to piss off the fans. And he wonders why he’s a target. But whatever. Vasquez has been rolling lately, and may have worked his way back into all-ACC contention. Props also to the resurgent Cliff Tucker (man, has he been nice down the stretch) and the rock solid Big Dave Neal, who hit four Big Dave threes.

Given the mismatches inside, this had Trap Game written all over it. N.C. State made it tight, but the Terps manned up and pulled away.  I’m dangerously close to drinking the Kool-Aid on this team.  I’ve just been burned so many times, it’s hard to let my guard down.  I want to take things slow…I hope you understand, basketball team. We’ll see how I feel after the huge, HUGE game this Tuesday in the CP against Wake. You could maybe even say…that it alllllllll comes down…to that.


Lady Terps win regular season ACC title

The Lady Terps are ACC champions.  The Maryland women’s basketball team beat Miami today to lock up the regular season ACC title — the team’s first in 20 years — as well as the #1 seed in the ACC tournament, and probably the Big Dance as well.

You know the drill by now. Tolliver and Coleman led the way with an 11-6 and a 17-16, respectively. But some of the younger players were big in this one, too, as sophomore Marah Strickland (17 pts, 5 ast, 3 reb) and freshman force of nature Lynetta Kizer (10 pts, 10 reb) also made contributions.

The Terps will play the winner of N.C. State-Wake Forest in the second round of the conference tournament, which happens March 6-9 in Greensboro. UNC has won the tourney four straight times…knock em off the throne, ladies.


Terp Lacrosse team tops Duke in harrassment-free showdown


Usually big ACC tests don’t come this early in the season, but the men’s lacrosse team had one yesterday, and they passed with flying colors over the Dookies, 11-8.

Seniors Jeff Reynolds, the bearded Dan Groot, and team goal leader Jeremy Sieverts paced the Terps. But it was a moral victory of sorts for the Dookies, who allegedly extended their streak of days in which they were not accused of sexual misconduct, racism, or general douchebaggery. Allegedly. That’s almost three whole years now! So that’s nice for the kids.

The #7 Terps are now 3-1…they lost at home to then #8 Georgetown before beating the Dookies at the “neutral site” of Ravens Stadium. UMBC comes to town on March 14. Go Terps!

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