chris wilcox heads to the big apple

Chris Wilcox Now

Chris Wilcox Now

High flying Terrapin alum Chris Wilcox was traded from the Oklahoma City  Thunder to the New York Knicks in a pre-deadline trade yesterday.  Wilcox joins former Wizard Larry Hughes as new additions to the team.  Wilcox’s stay in New York may be brief as part of the reason the Knicks were attracted to him was that his contract was expiring, but the Knicks seem pretty excited to have a healthy and strong athlete in the front court. 

Wilcox was a raw and gifted athlete when he joined the Terps in 2000.  Halfway through the 2002 season, Wilcox evolved seemingly overnight into a 12pt/7rb per game guy, and was a major catalyst in the Terps Championship run.  After a spectacular tournament performance he was drafted eighth by the Clippers.
Since then, this specimen of a player has spent his career in NBA purgatory.  Despite being a lottery pick, Wilcox was stuck at the end of the bench early in his career on a Clippers team that was loaded with young, talented big men.  Once Elton Brand and Lamar Odom left, Wilcox got more minutes and began to demonstrate that he could be a regular player in the league.  He began to stretch is game into a being a consistent 13pt/7rb guy.  But this season Georgetown grad and Cheverly, MD native Jeff Green was getting more of his minutes.
Chris Wilcox Then

Chris Wilcox Then

Once again, Wilcox finds himself on a young, talented, underachieving team that is on track for a 34-44 record.  Ugh.  You have to feel for the guy.  He started out on a Clippers team that had no idea how to develop talent but a firm handle on how to waste it.  He started to find his groove with the Sonics, but then the team intentionally self-destructed so they could move to Oklahoma City.  Now, Wilcox is on a Knicks team that has intentionally self-destructed itself so that it can execute its “Plan 2010” and free up enough cap room to potentially get LeBron James.  Oh, and he probably won’t be there if they do get James.  Some might say that Wilcox has been a disappointment in the NBA.  I think he may have just been a victim of circumstance.

Here’s to you Chris!  Stay above the rim and good things will happen.

2 Responses to “chris wilcox heads to the big apple”

  1. 1 rdclutch
    February 20, 2009 at 10:44 am

    Why would I feel for Wilcox? He rode out of CP in the middle of the night in a white Escalade. One last Quad booty call before I’m a certifited NBA bench warmer. MD vs UNC this Sat! We may not make the NIT.

  2. February 20, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    Awe, come on now, don’t forget that he rode in and helped us win the title before rolling out. Show some Terrapin pride man!

    UNC is going to pants us on the court and embarass our team in front of the whole nation. I’m afraid to watch.

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