Hoping for a Clemson upset

The Tigers have lost two of their last four including an OT loss to Virginia. With the exception of Maryland, they’re probably the most maddening team in the league for their fans. Meanwhile, the Terps have won three of four. Could there be something in the air? Is that possible? Or am I just looking for a reason to be interested?

Clemson has been cracking our heads for a few seasons now. Of course, who could forget their 20-point comeback that basically killed last season? Terrence Oglesby, who hit the winning shot in that game, is still on the team. He’s a sophomore. I don’t like that guy.  Just FYI.

However, there is talk that the seemingly fragile Paper Tigers (rimshot!), who are currently ranked 13th, might be feeling the pressure.  And on the other hand, the Terps seem ready. Gary is talking about an air of “quiet confidence” around the team — although I’m not sure that (a) it’s really all that quiet if you’re talking about it in the paper, and (b) talking about it is not a one-way ticket to Jinx Town.  But still.  Quiet confidence.  Gnarly.

Basically, the Terps are right where they want to be mentally…it’s them against the world again, there’s no real expectations for victory, and they can play giant killer. With their biggest wins so far coming over Michigan and Michigan State, they need another “resume” win. And with Carolina, Duke, and Wake coming up, Clemson could be their best chance.

I can feel something. Call it hope. Could it be a glimmer? A spark? Could it be…a gleam? Yep, that’s what it is. There’s a gleam, men! There is a gleam.

1 Response to “Hoping for a Clemson upset”

  1. 1 terphed
    February 17, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    I’d like to see the Terps contribute to another team’s fall from grace. That would be a bit of role reversal for us. Milbourne has been Mr. Consistency lately. Vasquez seems to have gotten his groove back after his sick father left town. Can you guess who’s leading the team in Ast/TO ratio right now? Just guess. OK I’ll tell you, Vasquez, your favorite guy.

    I think this game comes down to consistency at the point guard position. The Hayes/Bowie combo has to step it up and dictate the tempo. I’d really like to see the Terps take it to Clemson. They are pretty athletic, but we’ve been winning games on the free throw line this year. We need to press the issue.

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