Breaking news: Football team names Franklin “coach in waiting”

Is this the beginining of the end for Ralph Friedgen’s tenure at Maryland? James Franklin has been the team’s offensive coordinator for the past couple of seasons, and before that he was the architect of those spectacular offenses at Kansas State. Who can forget Josh Freeman-to-Jordy Nelson?

The news conference started at 3 — follow it here.

3 Responses to “Breaking news: Football team names Franklin “coach in waiting””

  1. February 6, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    It could also be a move by the team to silence the “line-of-succession” critics. Friedgen’s health has often come into question, especially on the recruiting trail.

    I guess his contract goes through 2012 and it would cost a few mill to buy him out. It can’t be a good sign that he has his own page on “coacheshotseat.com”:

    They have a .pdf of his contract there which is pretty neat. Like, DYK that Friedgen gets $500/mo to “lease a late-model luxury vehicle for his personal use”? He basically gets his salary and almost all the kickers if they terminate him, so good deal for him. He can go back to running on a treadmill 24hrs a day like he did before the coaching gig.

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