The underside of this bus is getting kind of sticky

Fans, reporters, and athletic directors are circling Gary Williams.

Fans, reporters, and bloggers are circling Gary Williams.

The sharks are beginning to circle around Gary Williams. But he’s not going to be churned up into chum that easily.  At least not until he can bring a few people down with him.  During a meeting with reporters yesterday, Gary took aim directly at athletic director Debbie Yow, implying that Yow had forced him to jettison key recruits, including Gus Gilchrist, Shane Clark and Tyree Evans.

We’ve had, um, people that were here for different lengths of time. The kid, (Shane) Clark, up at Villanova was turned down for admission here at Maryland. The guy starting at South Florida, (Gus) Gilchrist, was here for a year. He’d be playing now. You know, Tyree Evans would be playing now. And they’re all qualified to play at other schools. So, that’s part of it. You know, in basketball one player’s a lot. It’s not like in football where you’ve got 25 (recruits) every year. So we’ve been through that.

Gus Gilchrist (now known as Augustus) is averaging 11pts/5rb per game for USF, and has stepped it up to average 13pts/5rb in seven Big East games including going 6/12 from three.  The guy’s still a head case, but hey, he’s a big. We could use him right about now.

Clark is just starting to be productive at Villanova, averaging 4pts and 3rb per game in his senior year.  Although he is 6’7″, I do not think his size or production would have made a big difference for this team.  Tyree Evans had a checkered past that included multiple arrests, including one for drug dealing and another for assaulting a woman.  That is not the kind of guy Maryland wants on campus.  We don’t want to turn into [insert Florida school name here].

On the balance, judging by the stats I’d say we lost one impact player and two borderline guys.  Ultimately, the team represents the school and part of Yow’s job is to protect the school’s reputation.  The women’s basketball program seems to be doing great, and we recently won national championships in field hockey and soccer, so she’s obviously doing something right.

Losing players to academic issues, off-court issues, and other teams is, unfortunately, par for the course in NCAA basketball.  I’m not saying that Debbie Yow is making Williams’s job any easier, but I am saying he has to deal with it whether Yow is there or not.  In my opinion, Gary is off the mark here.


1 Response to “The underside of this bus is getting kind of sticky”

  1. 1 M.A.S.H.
    January 27, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    The athletic department fired back pretty forcefully today, saying it was Gary’s call on all these recruits. Then, the team goes out and chokes up another one to BC. It’s not just speculation anymore…Gary Williams’ job is in real jeopardy.

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