Primetime Preview: A Maryland-Duke anaylsis from Dick Vitale


Hey, lemme tell ya somethin right now, I wanna thank Shell Games for givin me this opportunity, it’s so rare that I get to share my opinions with people, I’m just kiddin heheheheh, I’m on TV, can you believe they gave an old bald guy like me a job on TV?  It’s unbuleebull! I’m the luckiest guy in the world, baby!

But now I wanna get serious for a moment, I wanna talk about the big game this Saturday, yes, Murland is coming down Tobacco Road, down to Cameron, it’s gonna be a great matchup. Why’s it gonna be great, because Duke is great, baby. Programmo numero uno. So special.  Such a special environment.  What a super-scintillating-sensational team Mike ShiShefSki has put together down there in Durham. You put them up against Carolina, I’m there. You put them up against Murland, I’m there. They go outside to throw out a bag of garbage, I’m there, hey, I’m rootin through it baby, I’m pullin out all the cans and food wrappers and I’m makin my own ShiShefSki-Ville in my basement out of their garbage! It’s gonna give me life force! I’m gonna retire there, baby!

So now let’s get down to the matchups, Duke, as always, is incredibly strong in every conceivable way, that’s all you need to know, but if you want particulars, they’ve got a future NBA player in Gerald Henderson and a Super Soph in Kyle Singler. Should be an interesting matchup down there in Cameron, the Terps are gonna put Landon Milbourne on Singler that’ll be super awesome meanwhile these teams actually seem fairly similar, heavy on the guard play, short on the big bodies. Want to talk about rebands? That’s what I call it when a shot misses and another player gets the ball. Murland is sixth in the ACC in rebanding margin while Duke is ninth. I’m gonna tell you right now, whoever wins the rebanding battle underneath, and is able to kick all those rebands out to the guards for a drive down the lane or a trifector, that team could be the winner.

Did someone mention trifectors? Yes, the Blue Devils are second in the conference in trifector shooting percentage with 37.7 percent but you know what Murland is second in the ACC in trifector defense they hold their opponents to 32.4 percent shooting so it’s gonna be showdown city beyond the arc.

Bottom line, Murland always comes to play against Duke and they need a win in the worst possible way I think their young guard Adrian Bowie could exploit whoever they put on him but of course it will all come down to Vasquez for Murland and he loves to antagonize the Crazies so if he keeps his head in the game and has success shooting the trifectors and if everything else comes together and they win the rebanding battle I like Murland, yeessss Murland, to pull the big upset over number two Duke, hey Coach K don’t hate me baby, I gotta be objective here, I call em like I see em hey Coach K I love you baby I’ll call you later I’ll come over I’ll bring my shine box!!!

Prediction: Murland 87, Duke 83


1 Response to “Primetime Preview: A Maryland-Duke anaylsis from Dick Vitale”

  1. January 23, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    The real Vitale would never pick Duke to lose. They’re too special to lose, what with their special coach and special arena and special fans and special players and the special short bus that takes them to their special away games. Did I say special “arena”? Sorry, I meant special “indoor stadium”.

    Other than that, you’re a diaper dandy among rookie Maryland blogs. Your blog is special.

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