The Big Redheaded Preview: A Maryland-Ga Tech Analysis from NBA legend Bill Walton

bill-walton2 Throw it down, big man, throw it  down!  Well, it looks like that most magical and special of times is upon us once again.  And no, I’m not talking about the new Phish tour. I speak of course of conference play on the campus hardwood.  I know I speak for everyone living on this planet when I say, without hyperbole, that there is nothing else like it–nothing–in this world of ours.

And tomorrow in College Park, Maryland, when the clock strikes noon, the train of fate will be pulling into Terrapin Station (one of the greatest albums of all time, by the way, and I implore you on my knees to purchase it without delay if you have not already), and we might very well catch a glimpse at the destiny of these beautiful young basketball warriors.

After their stunningly dumbfounding loss to Morgan State, the Terrapins find themselves dancing on the razor’s edge of oblivion.  But thankfully for them, their opponent, the 9-5, ragtag Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech, may already have been cast down into the pit of ACC also-rans. True, they are coming off a big win over in-state rival Georgia, but they still seem to lack their telltale fiery sting.  For one, they seem to have a complete and utter inability to shoot the ball into the basket. I mean, 321st in the country in shooting?  Come on, guys.  That is HORRRRRRIBLE!  Get serious out there, why don’t you. You’re a disgrace to your friends and family! Where are your heads, young men?!?!?  What are you theenkeen?

Last year, in their only meeting, the Terrapins edged the Jackets by a scant two points.  But as you know, my friends, that was then. In that game, the inside duo of Bambale Osby and James Gist combined for 32 points and 20 rebounds.  I ask you:  Where will that statistical output come from this year? Vasquez? If Georgia Tech’s formidable duo of Gani Lawal and Alade Aminu are allowed to roam the paint unchecked, it may spell doom for your Terps.

I realize that it is still early in the season.  But I think I speak for everyone when I say that this is the biggest game in the history of the University of Maryland athletics program.  They simply MUST win.  Otherwise, with the Dukes and Carolinas looming, not to mention their chronic underachieving of late, how can we be expected to call them a tournament team?  A tournament berth — perhaps even the players’ very lives — may depend on the outcome of this game.  Until next time, this is Bill Walton saying throw it down, big man, throw it DOWN!

Prediction:  Maryland 71, Georgia Tech 66


1 Response to “The Big Redheaded Preview: A Maryland-Ga Tech Analysis from NBA legend Bill Walton”

  1. January 9, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    M.A.S.H. and I will be at the game for an in-person assessment of this ragtag bunch of misfits. Let’s pile on the Furthur bus and freak out the squares in the CP maaaaaaan!

    Maryland has got to be pissed and embarrassed. I say they get existential on GT and win by double digits: 80-65.

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