The Audacity of Previews: A Maryland-North Carolina Analysis from President-Elect Barack Obama

Look.  We all know that this is pretty much a must-win game for Maryland. We all know they play well at home, and they play well…when the chips are down. As they are now. I think we can all…agree…on these three things.

Now.  The Tar Heels are nobody’s fool. The ACC is anybody’s conference and they know it. So it is natural that they would look at this game as a chance to…take some shots…at their opponent’s…weak areas. With Shaun Draughn and Ryan Houston, they now have a two-headed running attack, and coincidentally, the Terps have, at the same time, seen their run defense evaporate. Bad news for the hard-workin folks on the Maryland D-line, but undoubtedly. A good sign. For. The. North Carolina. Team.

Look.  I give all the credit in the world to Tar Heel head coach Butch Davis. He has built a solid program from the ground up by emphasizing local products. Those products are no longer being outsourced. So once again, all the credit in the world…to Coach Davis.

Now.  I just want to make one last point here briefly, if I may, and this is very important.  Look.  North Carolina has the momentum right now. Everyone is singing their praises, and they’re favored to win this game.  But Maryland, I feel, is hungrier.  And I think this is Maryland’s time. If you look at the numbers, if you look at history, you will see that. And make no mistake:  Those Byrd Stadium supporters can bring a lot of positive energy to the table.

When they started this campaign, there were question marks. And there are still. Question marks. But as I’ve said before, the Terrapins rise to meet adversity. History has taught us that. And I think…on Saturday…they will rise…once again.  Thank you. God bless you.  And may God bless the Terrapins of the University of Maryland.

Prediction: Maryland 27, North Carolina 24


2 Responses to “The Audacity of Previews: A Maryland-North Carolina Analysis from President-Elect Barack Obama”

  1. November 14, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    Yes we can! Can I get a witness?
    Maryland at home against a heavily favored ranked team? Terps by a touchdown 27-20.

  2. 2 rdclutch
    November 14, 2008 at 7:06 pm

    I like field hockey pics.

    Under my socialist regime I promise to spread the ball around and make distinction between baby blue or red and black. I will be your president regardless of what jersey you wear. I will have your alliance!

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