terps costa opts for right cross over full nelson, ends career

All Toys Welcome Here!
All Toys Welcome Here!
This great land of ours, which I like to refer to as the “U.S. of A.”, is a land of second chances.  It’s a place where you’re allowed to fail, because we recognize that without room to fail there will be no successes. Americans love a comeback story.  Our ethics dictate that a man who has admitted his wrong and has done his penance is forgiven, and free to proceed with his life. Once. If, however, you screw-up majorly a second time you’re likely to be branded a failure and sent to the Island of Misfit Toys where you must wait for a reindeer to save you.
Three years ago, Maryland senior linebacker Rick Costa, then playing for Temple, head-butted a police officer and put him in a full nelson. Temple pulled his scholarship, but Ralph Friedgen recognized Costa’s talent and was willing to give him a second chance in 2006.  Despite the illegal nature of his actions, the fact that he used the full nelson on a cop made for a cool story, and was likely a factor in Costa getting a new lease on life.

Unfortunately for Costa he could not control his urges for a few more weeks.  Costa and his buddies were trying to get into the Cornerstone after last call Saturday night, and when they couldn’t get in Rick got fired-up and hit the bouncer in the face. When a police officer came to the scene to diffuse the situation, Costa punched the officer in the face and went to jail, thus ending his career in shame.

There is a lesson here for anyone out there thinking of doing something stupid: Life is full of second chances, but there are no third chances.

The last image of Rick you'll ever see.

The last image of Rick you'll ever see.

1 Response to “terps costa opts for right cross over full nelson, ends career”

  1. November 13, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    No third chances. Oh, and no punching cops. Dumbass.

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