Men’s Hoops: It all comes down to Vasquez

In the mainstream media, the blogosphere, the discussion boards, and whatever else, the talk on the men’s hoops team always comes back to Greivis Vasquez. And there doesn’t seem to be any middle ground. Either he should lose his schoarship and be deported back to Venezuela, or anyone who says one bad word about him doesn’t know anything about basketball and should kill themselves. Let’s hear it for the Internet!

The team’s exhibition win Saturday over Northwood University obviously doesn’t mean much. But it doesn’t mean nothing, either. With Vasquez sitting on the bench for violating a non-basketball-related team rule (Coach Williams isn’t saying what the violation was), newcomer Jin Soo Kim, junior Landon Milbourne, and others led the team to a dominating tuneup victory. Interesting symbolism there. Anyone ever hear of The Ewing Theory?

Other blogs have a more detailed breakdown of the season, so I won’t go back over the gory details that everyone seems to already know, other than to say that the team’s problems — sloppy play especially in crunch time and uneven execution — are embodied by Greivis Vasquez. This is especially exacerbated because the team will be so guard-heavy this year. Vasquez will unquestionably be the top dog of this group, and by extension, the entire team. Apparently, sink or swim this junior season will be Vasquez’s last. We’ll see whether an early departure, if it happens, will be a blessing or a curse for this recently snakebitten program. But it’s going to be another crazy season. Goterps.


1 Response to “Men’s Hoops: It all comes down to Vasquez”

  1. 1 terphed
    November 10, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    Do I sense a little Vasquez hating here?

    I like him. He’s inconsistent, but still an improvement over Caner-Medley as a team leader. He actually thrives on Gary Williams’s psychoses. He has a good floor game and is a good defender. If Vasquez has improved his range in the off-season, then this should be a solid year for him.

    Let’s just hope he doesn’t declare his eligibility for the draft in January like Gilchrist did. Otherwise, things will get real ugly.

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