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Jordan Williams says he’ll play for Terps

Good news on the basketball recruiting trail. For a change.

It looks like coveted big man Jordan Williams has committed to the Terps.  If everything goes according to plan — and lately, that’s a BIG if for us when it comes to recruiting — the 6’9″ Connecticut product will join next season’s frontcourt as a freshman along with James Padgett. Williams is ranked 16th and Padgett 21st in’s national rankings for 2009 centers.

Williams seems to have a good head on his shoulders, but given the team’s recent run of bad fortune, bad apples, and seeming inability to close the deal with recruits, perhaps you’ll forgive me if I hold off on popping the bubbly. But no matter how you slice it, it’s a welcome piece of good news. Goterps.


sometimes i see bruce campbell in my sleep and… i don’t sleep that much

His scowl melts the will of men.

His scowl melts the will of men.

My wife and I sat behind the Maryland bench at field level on the 50-yd line for the Terps big win in football over #8 Boston College last November.  The game looked different at field level.  It was not necessarily the best place to see the action as the players often obscured our view, but it was a great way to get a close look at the guys and what they’re made of.

There was one helmet that seemed to be a head taller than the rest throughout the game.  There was an offensive lineman that seemed to simply outsize everyone else on the field.  That lineman was Bruce Campbell.

When I look back at that game, as well as the upset over Wake this weekend, I will always remember Bruce Campbell because his dominance at the line was a key to both victories.  The kid – and I say kid because he’s only a sophomore – is 6’7″, 285lbs of wrecking ball power at the point of attack.  Campbell is a tough guy from the tough town of Hamden, CT.  He was this week’s ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week in his second start.  Mark my words, this won’t be the last time he receives that honor.

What am I going to be this Halloween? I might just stuff some balloons in a #74 jersey, wear a scowl, and go trick-or-treating on Tobacco Road.  That should scare some people.


The real Maryland sports accomplishments from this weekend

Yeah, yeah, the football team beat Wake. They continue to beat good teams but falter against bad ones, it’s one big roller coaster ride, will the real Terp football team please stand up, blah blah blah.

Now for the weekend’s real Maryland sports news. The men’s soccer team won its fourth straight game Friday night and the top-ranked women’s field hockey team continued to roll like a freight train by woman-handling ODU 7-0. The men’s soccer team is ranked sixth after this streak, which included two clutch wins in OT. The field hockey team, led by Katie O’Donnell, just can’t be stopped. If there was a pro women’s field hockey league, O’Donnell would be the first draft pick.

It’s just refreshing to see some Maryland teams give consistent effort out there and actually meet or even — >gasp< — EXCEED expectations. Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen.

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The Smart Preview: A Maryland-Wake Analysis from financial pundit Suze Orman

All right, all right.  Maryland-Wake Forest preview, huh?  What is this, football?  Come on, people, is this really what you want to talk about?  This is so typical of us Americans.  I mean, God bless us, but we are committing financial suicide every day. That’s no hyperbole.  Going out to eat, buying new clothing, “enjoying life.”  These are the warning signs.  Wake up, people!  And panic. Listen to me!  You need to panic! Okay? Why can’t you understand that?

But whatever.  You want to blab about a silly football game?  You want me to “break it down” for you?  Fine.  But you need to give me some information first.  You need to understand that I need the info. I don’t know what your team’s situation is!  Every team is different.  Don’t you get that?  Every.  Team.  Is.  Different.

So here’s my info for you.  Got a pencil?  Great.  First of all, Maryland fans, you can’t just sit back and say “oh, they always win big games, I don’t need to worry.”  No.  You need to worry.  If your team doesn’t get its act together, there’s gonna be big problems down the road.  And I’m not talking about “woe is me, I can’t go to the Orange Bowl this year.”  I’m talking about going to a bowl game, period.  At all.  That is what you’re up against.  Every single game, every half, every down, is crucial.  This team needs to play tight!  Like their lives depend on it.  That’s the situation you’ve created for yourselves.  Don’t like it?  Jump in a lake.

This is an interesting matchup for Maryland, I must tell you. First off, my sources tell me that Da’rel Scott is rounding back into form. So the offensive line is bad. So what? The defensive line is bad, too. What’s your point? That it “hampers the team’s effectiveness”?!?! SHUT UP!

So if you’re Maryland, here’s what you do. You get your playmakers involved. Your Scotts, your Darrius Heyward-Beys, what have you. Okay? Just get ’em involved.  I don’t care how, just do it! 

Now, for Wake. They’re #19 in the country. It seems to me that they’re good everywhere, but great nowhere. They’re embodied by their steady if unspectacular quarterback Riley Skinner and a strong defense that is third in the ACC in turnover margin. They can pass on the Terps’ pathetic secondary, and they could really take advantage of the Terps’ offensive inconsistencies

But hold the phone, tiger. Did I say I was finished? No, I didn’t. Despite all this, the Deeks’ offense seems a little one-dimensional. They can’t punch it in! Is that what you want in a football team? Didn’t think so. They’ve had some success, but at the same time, they’re not going to overwhelm you. 

Bottom line:  do I need to spell it out for you?  Helllooooo.  MARYLAND GETS UP FOR BIG GAMES.  Plus they’re at home. And you’re wondering about the outcome of this? Are you kidding me? Please.  If they get their act together, they’ve got this one in the bag.

Now can we talk about something worthwhile? Like your financial troubles? That’s one of my favorite topics. You know, because you can’t keep living like a pig in the slophouse forever. Buying sweaters? For autumn? I just…I don’t know what to say. You need to change your behavior. How do you do it? Two words: cat food. I know, I know. It’s food for cats. But quit your whining, will you? You’re giving me a headache. None of your precious bridge club members have to watch you eat it. Just replace your regular food with cat food three, four, five times a week, and watch the savings pile up! Eat it in the closet if you’re too weak to face yourself. Now go away and leave me alone! You people make me sick.

Prediction: Maryland 17, Wake 13


Let the Madness begin

I always thought it was a legitmate feather in the Maryland Basketball cap that they invented Midnight Madness. In case you don’t know, Midnight Madness (or “Maryland Madness” for branding purposes) is the first official practice of the basketball season. The men’s and women’s teams come out, they scrimmage a little bit, there’s a light show, the team does a dance, and everyone has an excuse to get drunk that night. Like so many other things, Midnight Madness was a Lefty Driesell creation, having been invented by the left-hander way back in 1970 and has become a bona fide cultural phenomenon. Media day is today, then the real madness is tomorrow. I would go, except I’m upset that the free T-shirts are apparently for students only. You mean to tell me the university can’t hook us all up? Their printing deal must be with ESPN.


Here’s a video link to the Gary Williams news conference, scheduled for 2:45 today. If you want to get good and hammered this afternoon, drink every time he starts a sentence with the word “well.”


maryland’s second rate bowl game options

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Maryland will not qualify for a BCS bowl game this year.  Call me a naysayer, but for some reason I just don’t think it’s in the cards in 2008.  That certainly doesn’t mean there is nothing left to play for.  This team should keep playing hard for the sake of pride, ESPN face time, and, most importantly, a choice destination for a bowl game.

I’m going to go out on a ledge this time, which is more precipitous than a limb, and say that we will not finish better than fourth in the conference.  I assume that we’ll finish behind Wake, UNC, and Virginia Tech, all of whom are ranked at the moment.  So it’s time to start analyzing our second rate bowl options.  Here they are, presented in reverse order of desirability:

  • Humanitarian Bowl – #8 ACC team plays in Boise, ID.  I repeat – Boise, ID.
  • Congressional Bowl – #9 ACC team plays in Washington, DC.  We live in Washington, DC.  The point of a bowl game is to wreck somebody else’s town and get out of Dodge.  Lame.
  • Emerald Bowl – #5/6/or 7 ACC team plays in San Francisco, CA.  Surprisingly, I haven’t heard reviews from anyone going to last year’s game.  Oh, that’s right, nobody in their right mind would fly accross the country to attend the Emerald Bowl. Unfortunately, this is the most likely option due to our past affiliation with the sponsors.
  • Meineke Car Care Bowl – #5/6/or 7 ACC team plays in Charlotte, NC.  This is an easy drive and is probably the most cost effective out-of-town option. I’d imagine this would get a big Terrapin turnout. I’ve never been to Charlotte, so I’m down with this bowl.
  • Champs Sports Bowl – #4 ACC team plays in Orlando, FL.  This is a warm weather venue in December.  The game is on the 27th, so there is the option of celebrating NYE in town. The opponent would be the #5 Big 10 team, so the game would be exciting and get some national exposure.  This one is high on the list.
  • Music City Bowl – 5/6/or 7 ACC team plays in Nashville, TN.  This is the winner. Nashville brings great weather, beautiful women, amazing music, and awesome BBQ to the table.  Nashville is a party town and would be a fun vacation aside from the game itself.  As an added bonus, this is a town that a lot of people would want to visit but need a good excuse to do so, which is an important differentiator.

There are a few points that stand out in the final analysis of our second rate bowl options.  First, we need to finish seventh or better in the ACC, otherwise we’ll be stuck with a real crappy bowl.  Second, there are still some great options on the table.  Orlando, FL, or Nashville, TN would be awesome venues to usher in the New Year. Third, the games against the middle-of-the-pack ACC teams are all the more important.  We need to beat them down and relegate them to the Humanitarian Bowl.

There are plenty of reasons left to play hard for the rest of the year. When the chips are down, our rally cry should be “Mu-sic Ci-ty”!


2008-2009 basketball roster is out

The Terps’ official Web site recently unveiled this season’s basketball roster.  Note the additions of Korean Jin Soo Kim, big man Steve Goins, and potentially exciting Baltimore recruit “Sugar” Sean Mosely.  We’re pretty guard heavy, and freshman Goins is the only guy on the roster over 6’9″ (the gifted but raw sophomore Jerome Burney is 6’9″ — it will be REALLY interesting to see what he did with his game over the summer).  So there you have it…goterps.

22 Adrian Bowie Guard 6-2 190 SO-HS Greenbelt, Md. (Montrose Christian)
32 Jerome Burney Forward 6-9 222 SO-HS Atlanta, Ga. (Westlake)
4 Braxton Dupree Center 6-8 260 SO-HS Baltimore, Md. (Calvert Hall)
25 Steve Goins Center 6-10 260 FR-HS Chicago, Ill. (Curie HS)
33 Dino Gregory Forward 6-7 227 SO-HS Baltimore, Md. (Mount St. Joseph)
5 Eric Hayes Guard 6-4 184 JR-1V Woodbridge, Va. (Potomac)

Jin Soo Kim* Forward 6-7 180 FR-HS South Kent, Conn. (South Kent HS)
1 Landon Milbourne Forward 6-7 207 JR-1V Roswell, Ga. (Oak Hill Academy)
14 Sean Mosley Guard 6-4 210 FR-HS Baltimore, Md. (St. Frances Academy)
35 Dave Neal Forward 6-7 263 SR-2V McLean, Va. (Bishop O’Connell)
23 David Pearman Guard/Forward 6-6 188 SO-HS Columbia, Md. (Oakland Mills)
24 Cliff Tucker Guard/Forward 6-6 190 SO-HS El Paso, Texas (Chapin)
21 Greivis Vasquez Guard 6-6 190 JR-1V Caracas


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