Let the Madness begin

I always thought it was a legitmate feather in the Maryland Basketball cap that they invented Midnight Madness. In case you don’t know, Midnight Madness (or “Maryland Madness” for branding purposes) is the first official practice of the basketball season. The men’s and women’s teams come out, they scrimmage a little bit, there’s a light show, the team does a dance, and everyone has an excuse to get drunk that night. Like so many other things, Midnight Madness was a Lefty Driesell creation, having been invented by the left-hander way back in 1970 and has become a bona fide cultural phenomenon. Media day is today, then the real madness is tomorrow. I would go, except I’m upset that the free T-shirts are apparently for students only. You mean to tell me the university can’t hook us all up? Their printing deal must be with ESPN.


Here’s a video link to the Gary Williams news conference, scheduled for 2:45 today. If you want to get good and hammered this afternoon, drink every time he starts a sentence with the word “well.”


2 Responses to “Let the Madness begin”

  1. 1 terphed
    October 16, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    I went to one Midnight Madness as a freshman. That’s where I learned that ziploc sandwich bags are perfect for sneaking rum into restricted areas. Each year, March Madness is the first sign that the rare winter bird know as the “garywilliamscockatoo” can be found migrating south down Rte. 1 to Bentley’s. If you’re patient you can catch it wandering back north in the evenings.

  2. October 16, 2008 at 5:55 pm

    re: well

    That makes Gary Williams the equivalent of Ronald Reagan in the world of the NCAA men’s college basketball. 🙂

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