Hey, let’s talk some basketball!

In the interest of not discussing a certain maddening, underacheiving, rudderless roller coaster of a Maryland sports team that gives questionable effort and seems to have a serious leadership void, I would like to…well, let’s just talk about the hoops team.

How are the guys looking as the season begins to loom? If you’ll recall, there are questions about our big men, or lack thereof, with the departures of James Gist (now playing in Italy) and Boom Osby (now playing in Romania). We still have Braxton Dupree and Jerome Burney, but, well, we need more. They signed a true center, Gus Gilchrist, who originally wanted to go to Va. Tech, but got scared because of the shooting and transferred to Maryland. But he’s now transferring again, to South Florida. Everyone is tired of Gus Gilchrist. Prediction: the next time we hear about him, it will be because he either peed himself during a game or slapped a PR staffer. It has to be one of those two.

In any case, we seem to have cobbled together a bit of a front court cavalry, if you will. We’re adding some raw talent and street cred, if not a staggering amount of size, in 6’10” Chicagoan Steve Goins and 6’8″ Brooklynite James Padgett.

What is also heartening is this recent photo, courtesy of Maryland alpha blog Turtle Soup, of Dupree, looking noticeably leaner and meaner during a recent workout.

Braxton before:

Braxton after:

Gotta like that wingspan. And the best news of all is, Braxton is still able to eat all the foods guys love:  pizza…burgers…even meat loaf!  So maybe — just maybe — we’ll have the makings of a viable front court. Sure, there’s no one over 6’11” in the whole bunch, but those guys all leave early nowadays anyway. Plus, if you add all their heights together, you almost get Kenny George.

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