My Tivo channel guide said the game would be on Fox.  So I tune in at noon, and guess what…it’s NC State and Boston College.  Turns out the Maryland game is on ESPNU. At least no one has to watch the game on the Internet this week. But why does this university make it so hard to follow the team?  They constantly beg me to join the Terrapin Club, buy the gear, money this and money that, but then don’t hesitate to pull the plug on me or force me to go to a bar to watch the game.  Sorry, but I don’t have the big digital cable.  Is my fandom not worth anything to them?  This university would sanction the ritual stonings of its fans if it meant they might get a few bucks for the body.  I’m not naive enough to think it isn’t all about money, but in the long run, doesn’t it cost you money to hamper a considerable portion of your fan base from actively following the team?  

It’s a frustrating thing for the rank-and-file fan.  And it’s easy to shrug your shoulders and say “what are you gonna do,” but I’m interested in actually watching these games on the channels in which they actually say they’re going to air.  I called the athletic department to tell them this, and I plan to call again.  Anyone else who got shut out of the game should do the same if they’re so inclined.  Their number is 301-314-7075.  Okay, rant over.

1 Response to “PUT THE GAME ON TV!”

  1. 1 terphed
    October 4, 2008 at 6:52 pm

    Cox listed the Maryland game at both 1PM on Fox and 7PM on the U. I’ve since discovered the game is on the U, a channel I refuse to subscribe to. It’s BS that local games would be on a subscription cable station. The Terps need to sign a definitive agreement with CSN.

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