friedgen reveals he fathered steffy

"Don't let them get to you, son."Amid questions regarding quarterback Jordan Steffy’s poor performance against D-IIA Delaware this Saturday, Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen revealed that he is protective of Steffy because he is, in fact, Steffy’s father.  The Post quotes Friedgen as stating, “If you’re booing my son, I’m going to get upset. That’s how I look at this kid. If he was a kid who didn’t give effort, who didn’t prepare, then that would be a different story.”

Questions regarding Freidgen’s relation to Steffy had arisen when sideline reporters overheard the coach whispering, “Don’t let them get to you, son,” during a game against West Virginia [pictured above]. Friedgen was the Terps offensive coordinator under Bobby Ross in December 1984 during the time which he would have impregnated Shari Steffy-Long.  Jordan Steffy could not be reached for comment because Freidgen has forbid the media from contacting his son.  According to the Post article, “Friedgen said he has felt the need to insulate Steffy from media scrutiny, which was why Steffy was not allowed to speak to reporters after Saturday’s game. Steffy was also not made available to speak with reporters yesterday.”

When asked for comment, backup quarterback Josh Portis said, “This explains a lot.  The coaches keep telling everyone I have ‘freakish talent’ yet the only plays they let me run this Saturday were naked bootlegs.  I feel like I’m back in Pop Warner and coach is giving his son all the playing time.”  The Terps other backup quarterback, Chris Turner, had one word for reporters: “Duuuuuude.”

Steffy sustained an injury to the thumb on his throwing hand in the season opener against Delaware, and is questionable for this Saturday’s game at Middle Tennessee.  Friedgen concluded the press conference by expressing pride in his kid and saying, “With what he is dealing with, and the scrutiny of every pass being judged, some of those people booing him would love for their children to be like Jordan Steffy.” Freidgen refused to comment when he was asked whether Steffy was faking injury so that he can be replaced as the starter without being embarrassed in front of his friends.


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