The Overreactor sounds off

OMFG.  Okay, okay, before we even engage on this, did you even see the game?  Yeah, sure, the Terps won, but to a true fan, things like Final Scores are of less importance than other stuff.  Like pass-blocking and gap-scheming, for example. Casual fans don’t know much about those, but trust me…they were piss poor.  Not to mention a little position I like to call QUARTERBACK.   Just slightly important, imho.  Wake up people!   You’re just fiddling aboard the Titanic, and we’re passing Rome on the right, and I see people toasting marshmallows at the city gates! (i.e., Rome is burning.)

Steffy looked so unbelievably putrid that I started pouring Jack Daniels directly onto my eyeballs, right there at the bar.  Anything to cleanse myself of those images of him underthrowing receivers and getting happy feet in the pocket. Some girl was like, “you’re spilling that on me,” but I was all like “why did I just do that, it really hurts.” Turner didn’t exactly fill me with confidence either. And God help us if we can’t finish drives–our kicker is unquestionably the worst in D-1. The boos raining down on them at Byrd were like sweet music to my ears. For a second, it was like I was back at the O.A.R. concert.

To sum up for you guys, there is absolutely NO WAY WE GO TO A BOWL this year unless we do the following things: Revoke Steffy’s scholarship, get Turner to transfer, start Portis next week, fire Ralph Friedgen, deport the kicker, and demand the immediate retraction of every single article ever written that included a positive word about Jordan Steffy. (Honestly, is that what passes for “journalism?”) These things MUST happen. Take it from me…the biggest Terp fan in the world.


1 Response to “The Overreactor sounds off”

  1. 1 terphed
    September 2, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Steffy scares the crap out of me. He still has those freshman college QB happy feet. Did you see the jump pass he threw for an interception? JUMP PASS?! But hey, I hear he’s great in practice. At least the rest of the ACC blows, so we should have a shot at a bowl.

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