All-time favorite Terp football things (and season prediction)

There is no time for American sports fans like the present, when once again blows the crisp wind from o’er the sea, and the towering Soveriegn Football ascends his autumnal throooooooooonnnnne. Who, this season, will answer the Legends’ Call? Only between the white lines of gridiron battle can true heroes be fooorrrrrrrrmmmmmed.

We’ll do whatever it takes to actually get excited for this Maryland football season. One way to do that is to type out old-school hard-ass phrases and recite them in a John Facenda voice, preferably while crouching behind the old abandoned fax machine in the scary part of the office hallway. Another is to forget that this year’s Terp teams looks utterly pedestrian by recalling some of the greatest moments of seasons past….when the rubbing of Testudo’s noooooose was a signal…that Terrapin Domination, and Glory for aaaaaalllllll, was imminent.

So here are some of my personal Terp football favorites, along with my season prediction:

1) Favorite season:

1953 — National Championship Team. We had Jack Scarbath AND Shoo-Shoo Shemonski. On the same team. How were we not going all the way? And everyone knew it, too. That was the best part. We just got demonic on people.

Shoo-Shoo Shemonski (and I’m not kidding) high-steps to another score. Now now, simmer down, Shoo-Shoo! Save some for the sock hop!

2) Favorite Individual Player:

Lamont Jordan. Wish he’d been on some better teams, but people forget he was a one-man gang for the Terps. Merriman’s a close second.

3) Favorite Single Game:

I was at this one:

4) Favorite Tailgate Lot:

Lot 2. Why, is there another one?

5) 2008 Season Predictions:

7-5, a loss on the blue fields of Boise at the Roady’s Humanitarian Bowl. Yee-ha!


2 Responses to “All-time favorite Terp football things (and season prediction)”

  1. 1 terphed
    August 30, 2008 at 5:44 pm

    I’m a big fan of skinny Lamont Jordan. He was a great back before he ingested Curtis Martin.

    Hey, I think I saw you in that video. Were you the guy in red?

  2. 2 M.A.S.H.
    August 31, 2008 at 1:48 am

    Yeah, my shirt said “Chevy Chase Bank” on the front. And the back. I can’t believe you saw me!

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