I hope Leo brings his girlfriend

For the Terps defense this year, there’s good news, and there’s bad news.  Which do you want first?   How about the bad news…the bad news is they aren’t going to be very good.  As always, there are stud linebackers (Dave Philistin, with Adrian Moten on deck), but after that, it’s kind of bleak. 

The good news, however, is that the Leo position is now a regular thing. Some might say that the Leo position is a very enticing one. If you get my drift. Delightfully devilish. I’d like to score a touchdown from the Leo position. Although chances of that are slim, seeing as it’s a defensive position.

Was I talking about something? Oh, right, so the Leo position, to be played this year by seniors Trey “Save Tonight” Covington and Rick “You’re My Butterfly” Costa, is a “hybrid” position between linebacker and defensive lineman. It seems designed to give the D more flexibility to showcase their strengths (LBs) or mask their weaknesses (run stopping), depending on how you look at it. We’ll see how it goes. My personal feeling is that they created this position because they wanted to use the word “hybrid,” which is the early favorite for this season’s overused buzzword or phrase, replacing last season’s “put a hat on the ball.” I think that in general, people just want to sound cool by saying they have something that is a “hybrid.” For instance, this chewing gum that I have, it’s really a hybrid substance, somewhere between candy and mouthwash. My shoes are not brown…they are a green and red hybrid. It’s going to be everywhere before too long…hybrid is the next “synergy.” I think people should really be taking a proactive approach on this.

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